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Highway Personnel Policy Manual

General Provisions:

Any Highway employee may be disciplined for proper cause.

The need for disciplinary action may arise as a result of different kinds of actions on the part of the employee, such as, but not limited to:

  • Failure to perform his/her job in a satisfactory manner, or, unsatisfactory performance as one or more of the requirements of his/her job.
  • Infractions of rules, regulations, policies or procedures as established by the Town or the Highway Department.
  • Offenses or misconduct which violates general rules of behavior or is specifically prohibited by law.

The following types of infractions, offenses or misconduct represent typical reasons for disciplinary action and are not meant to be the only permissible reasons for such actions:

  • Absence without authorization
  • Disregard or violation of safety rules
  • Distracting other employees
  • Failure to report an injury
  • Failure to keep work area tidy
  • Failure to follow instructions
  • Gambling while on duty
  • Late for work without valid reason: being excessively late for work even with a valid reason may also be cause for disciplinary action
  • Leaving work without permission
  • Incompetence or inefficiency in performance of assigned duties
  • Use of another employee’s equipment without permission
  • Involvement in an accident chargeable to an employee while operation of a Town vehicle or equipment. Negligence on the part of the employee should be the determining fact as to whether or not disciplinary action is appropriate
  • Operating a Town vehicle or equipment without a proper valid driver’s or chauffeur’s license.
  • Extension of lunch or break periods
  • Abuse of sick leave privileges
  • Conduct unbecoming a Town employee
  • Failure to report an accident
  • Insubordination
  • Leaving a job without permission
  • Possession, or drinking, of alcoholic beverages or use of drugs on the job
  • Reporting to work when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Giving false information or refusing to give testimony in connection with investigation regarding the scope of the employee’s job
  • Sleeping on the job
  • Threatening co-workers or supervisors
  • Unauthorized use of Town property, equipment or vehicles
  • Unsafe or dangerous use of Town property, equipment or vehicles
  • Use of abusive language to an employee, co-worker, supervisor or the public
  • Abuse of Town vehicles or equipment
  • Excessive accidents resulting in injury to self, others or damage to Town equipment or vehicles
  • Conviction and imprisonment for a felony or a first degree misdemeanor directly related to the position held
  • Falsifying application or concealing information during screening and processing
  • Falsifying attendance of leave records
  • Failure to be available for a reasonable amount of overtime assignments
  • Fighting on the job or engaging in any intentional act which may inflict bodily harm on anyone
  • Theft or removal from Town locations without proper authorization of any Town property or property of any Town employee
  • Violation of Code of Ethics
  • Unauthorized display or possession of a firearm or concealed weapon while operating a Town vehicle or equipment
  • Sexual harassment while in performance of Town duties
  • Sale of narcotics or alcohol

All infractions will be enforced by the Highway Superintendent or the Deputy Highway Superintendent.

Updated: January 1, 2013

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