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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
6:30 PM

Meeting minutes were approved on August 9, 2016.

A Regular Board Meeting of the Town of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.


Town Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr., Deputy Supervisor Donald Amell, Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, Councilperson D. Joseph Bates, Councilperson Dean Montroy
A quorum of the Board was in attendance.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah, Water Superintendant Jeff Cotter, Sewer Superintendent Stan Ingison, Code Enforcement Officer Robert Hammond. Highway Superintendant Roger Oliver was excused.


Thomas Burman, Jerry Bough

Notice was posted regarding the date of this meeting.

Supervisor Whitson called the Regular Board Meeting to order at 6:31 p.m.

Supervisor Whitson led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Highway Superintendent Roger Oliver was excused. Supervisor Whitson gave an update on the progress of the culvert replacements and drain repairs on Main Street from the intersection to the Y.


Water Superintendant Jeff Cotter gave the following written report to the Board: Town of St. Armand Water Report for 7/12/16 Board Meeting 1. Large Increase In Water Use - Beginning around 6/17/16, I noticed a significant increase in daily water use. From a summertime average of 55,000 gallons per day, we jumped to approximately 75,000 gallons per day and we were still losing level in the Stand Pipe reservoir. I had to place #3 well on with #5 to help with the extra water demand. This went on until 6/21/16 when somebody placed 3 water meters by the door of the pump house with no note or explanation where they were from. That same day, our daily use dropped back to 55,000 gallons per day. Somebody apparently had some leaks? 2. Two Inquiries about Wet Taps and Service Connections - I received a call from Matt Raymond and also From Kenny Norton about 2 new service lines, one on Prospect and the other on Poplar. They wanted to know who was responsible for the Corporation Stop and who was responsible for the service line and Curb Stop. I explained to them the town’s policy. They own the service line and Curb Stop. We own the Corporation Stop and charge a service fee for the wet tap. 3. Located Water Lines for Highway Dept. - I marked water line locations on School St. and Oregon Plains Road for the Highway Dept. where they are installing culverts. 4. Power Outage - On 6/28/16, we had a commercial power outage that lasted from 3:50 pm - 4:15 pm. The Pump House generator was on line and ran with no problems. 5. Hydrant Flushing - On July 5th I began starting to flush our fire hydrants. The first hydrant I flushed broke! This hydrant is located at the Fire House and the hydrant was repaired once before by a former operator. I had to briefly shut off the water from Roosevelt to the Fire House until I could close the gate valve that feeds the hydrant. Due to the age of the hydrant and its location next to the Fire House where it gets more use than any other hydrant in town, I recommend that we replace the hydrant with a new hydrant. We received one written quote from Fullers for the placement of a new hydrant for $8,700. I thought this was very expensive so I began to speak to other Municipalities and Tupper Lake may be able to offer assistance which may allow us to return a favor someday? I will know more after their board meeting tomorrow night. 6. Routine Coliform Testing - The Coliform testing on samples collected from the Town Hall and the Highway Dept. garage both came back negative. 7. Emergency Generators - Both emergency generators were test run with no problems to report. 8. Heath Departments Annual Inspection Report - The report was received on 7/11/16. I reviewed the report last night and the Health Department thanked us for replacing the bolts on the water main valves and our recent upgrade work to our well field. The report also mentions that “the system is operating under the supply of different wells that had not been used in the past.” This statement is not true, well #5 was drilled deeper and well #8 has a smaller pump in it. The inspectors concern is that the drilled wells could have potential for surface water influence. I spoke with Saranac Lakes Health Department Engineer Susan Kenny today for guidance on this new rule concerning wells within 200 feet of a surface water source. She advised me to take a raw water sample from the well that's on line if it’s within 200 feet from the river each month for a year. If we have no positive coliform readings from that well after a year, then that well is cleared from any surface water influence and no further raw water testing is required for that well on a monthly basis. 9. I will have a complete remedial action report for the board next month addressing all of the minor issues that the Health Department would like addressed.


Wastewater Superintendent Stan Ingison provided the following written report for the Board: Town of St. Armand Wastewater Report for the July 2016 meeting 1) Before the last meeting we had just planted 400 willow cuttings in two of the reed beds. Yesterday I counted the number that had sprouted out and it was just over 67%. Some got submerged in the last couple of rain storms. They should come back above water again but I am unsure whether more will sprout or not. They definitely don’t grow at the rate of speed that the reeds do. 2) The Pre-treatment building is still having some power outage issues that I would like to get cleaned up. It seems to be mostly related to Core Climate Systems issues so I will get them to work on their programming. 3) We are still working on fine tuning the SCADA system with a number of areas that still need some tweaking. 4) We continue to work on punch list items but still have a number of items left to do such as getting parts for the PTB crane unit, Blower room air handling system issues, Unusable valve boxes at the main plant, drainage issues in the polymer feed manhole area along with polymer feed unit questions so not much has changed in this area since your last meeting. 5) Rural Water Association has been working with us to help make sure we are getting all the state funding available for installing the disinfection equipment that was recently mandated for our system. 6) We are having trouble getting grass to grow on both sites and I am unsure what will happen with it as the town accepted an exchange to have water in payment for the lagoon #2 center curtain being purchased and installed. We did do the watering but the late seeding and unusual winter weather took a toll on the grass growth. And the soil was never rolled before or after the seeding. 7) We are still working with the new polymer system to try to clean up the algae problem in the effluent. The latest polymer that we have been working with has removed some of the suspended solids but has not been able to remove the algae so I have scheduled Clean Waters to come back to test some more produces. 8) We continue to work on getting the computer fully working with the printer, Fax, scan, copier unit but are not quite there yet. 9) AES is working on getting the bids out for the St. Regis St. sewer main and the Pump House lift station projects. 10) I am in the middle of getting enrolled and set up with the new net-DMR reporting system which is will be mandatory by December and there is still quite a bit of work to do to get us there. NY Rural Water Association has been helping us with that also. I signed up for a training course in August in case I can’t figure it out by then. 11) I also worked with NYRWA again last month doing some more sewer main camera work as a part of the yearly operation and maintenance plane inspections of the system which we are required to do.


CEO Robert Hammond gave the Board the following written report: Applications Received: 5 Permit Application Conferences: 4 Notices of Incomplete Applications: 2 Building Permits Issued: 6 Fees Collected: $375.00 Inspections Completed: 25 Site Visits: 4 Special Inspections: 1 Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 0 Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 0 Stop Work Orders: 0 Violation Letter(s): 1 Notice and Order(s): 1 Appearance Tickets: 12 CEO Hammond reported the month was a balance of inspections and administrative work. CEO Hammond reported he issued a notice of fire inspection to the apartment complex discussed last month. CEO Hammond stated the next step was taken in regard to the Vine St. property issue and the certified receipt was sent for a Notice of Order. CEO Hammond gave an update on the Monroe Gladd property stating the complaint was given to the Supervisor for the town’s Council, Matt Norfolk. The complaint and appearance tickets were provided to the court and an affidavit of service with appearance tickets was provided to the Supervisor to give to Kelly Allen to give to the defendant. Supervisor Whitson interjected that he tried to contact our attorney, and was waiting to hear from him for further advisement. CEO Hammond reported a letter of violation was sent out to a property owner for a pool project. CEO Hammond reported he has been inspecting the White Pine Cabins, and issued a temporary permit. He is working on reviewing the codes required for this type of structure.


Supervisor Whitson invited Jerry Bough, an attendee at the Board Meeting, to present an issue to the Board members. Mr. Bough stated he is a resident of the Moody Pond road, and is having great concerns and problems with the visitors for the trailhead to Baker Mountain and the parking issue with visitors. Mr. Bough reported that people park on both sides of the road, sometimes in blind corners which could pose dangerous conditions for traffic and pedestrians to include children. Mr. Bough stated he has called NY State Police, Village of Saranac Lake Police, Department of Environmental Conservation, and Essex County Sheriff’s department to no avail. Mr. Bough requested the assistance of the St. Armand Town Board in addressing the concerns of Moody Pond property owners in regard to this matter. Discussion ensued and Supervisor Whitson stated he would contact the appropriate officials to see what could be done.


Councilperson Dean Montroy made a motion to pay this month’s bills; the motion was seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller. All approved. Motion carried.


Supervisor Whitson gave the Board his report. This report will be kept on file in the Office of the Town Clerk and is available to any interested party. Deputy Supervisor Amell made a motion to accept the Supervisor’s Report’s for June 2016, seconded by Councilperson D. Joseph Bates. All approved. Motion carried.


Councilperson Jennifer Fuller made the motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting June 14, 2016 and of the Special Board Meeting July 5, 2016. Motion seconded by Councilperson Montroy. All approved. Motion carried.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the following report for the month of June 2016:

Spayed/Neutered Dog Licenses: 6 for $42.00
Unspayed/Unneutered Dog Licenses: 0
Certified Death Certificates: 1 for $10.00
Marriage License: 1 for $40.00


Water & Sewer Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the Water & Sewer Receivables Report of $2,229.12 received as of June 30, 2016, leaving a Receivables balance of $24,409.90. The new quarterly billing took place on July 5, totaling $59,081.14. The new balance for receivables as of this meeting is $83,491.04.


Supervisor Whitson discussed with the board the County’s discussion in a proposed dog tethering law. Supervisor Whitson stated someone from the County was going to be attending our board meeting in August to discuss the proposal in more depth.




Supervisor Whitson informed the Board that the Rugby Lawsuit in Essex County Court has been extended. The court hearing concerning the Davis assessment lawsuit did take place and a second court hearing is now scheduled for January 12, 2017. Supervisor Whitson asked those present if there were any other questions or concerns. There were none.


Councilperson Bates made the motion to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting at 7:25 p.m., seconded by Councilperson Montroy. All approved. Motion carried.

I, Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Board meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

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