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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

July 24, 2013

A Special Board meeting of the Town Board of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.


Town Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr., Deputy Supervisor Samuel A. Grimone, Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, Councilperson Earl J. Dakin, Town Clerk Davina Thurston


Sandy Hayes, Joe Bates


Councilperson Donald Amell

Notice was sent to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise regarding this meeting.

Town Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr. called the board meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Deputy Supervisor Grimone led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Town Clerk Davina Thurston read the following:

Town of St. Armand Public Hearing Notice. The Town Board of the Town of St. Armand intends to submit an application on August 12, 2013 for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, administered by the New York State Office for Community Renewal (OCR) who has announced the availability of approximately $42 million in NYS Community Development Block Grant funding for the 2013 Annual Competitive Round. Funding limits for Towns are $400,000 for Housing or Public Facilities applications and $600,000 for Public Infrastructure (Water/ Sewer only.) At least 70% of the NYS CDBG funds requested must fund activities where at least 51% of the beneficiaries are low-moderate income. The proposed activity will improve sewer facilities in the amount of a maximum $600,000 grant for low-moderate income eligible neighborhoods. The Town is notifying the public so residents can attend the public hearing and identify and comment on the overall needs and priorities of the community, and to allow them to consider the potential benefits and impacts of the NYS CDBG project before the application is submitted. The public hearing will provide an explanation of the NYS CDBG program and an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and make comments. Written questions or comments are welcome and can be directed to the Town Supervisor, Charles Whitson Jr., at the address and phone number provided at the end of this Notice. The Public Hearing will be held on July 24, 2013 at 6:30 pm, located at 1702 State Route 3, at the Town Hall and will provide an overview of the CDBG program and an opportunity for public discussion and comments on overall community needs. The town hall is an accessible facility; other accommodations for persons with disabilities may be made upon advance notice. Written questions or comments may be sent to:

Charles Whitson Jr., Supervisor,
Town of St. Armand Town Hall
1702 State Route 3
St. Armand, NY 12913
Phone: 518-891-3189
Fax: 518-891-6092

Supervisor Whitson asked for questions or comments. None forthcoming. Supervisor Whitson asked for a motion to approve the application. Councilperson Dakin made the motion, duly seconded by Councilperson Fuller. The motion was put to a roll call vote. All approved. Motion carried.


Town Clerk Davina Thurston asked the Board for approval to purchase a scanner for the Clerk's office. After discussion, it was agreed that the new scanner would be purchased for $349.99 from Staples.


Supervisor Whitson and Town Clerk Thurston informed the Board of discussion between them, Ethan Hall and Roger Oliver regarding the ground-breaking date for the new Highway Garage. After discussion, it was agreed to move the date to May 1, 2014, with note that it may be changed to May 15, 2014 after further discussion with Ethan Hall.


Deputy Supervisor Grimone made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilpersons Dakin and Fuller seconded the motion. All agreed. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

I, Davina M. Thurston, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Special Board meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

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