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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 6:30 PM

These Meeting Minutes were approved on July 10, 2018

A Regular Board Meeting of the Town of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.


Town Supervisor Dean Montroy, Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller, Councilperson Donald Amell, Councilperson D. Joseph Bates and Councilperson Samuel Grimone.
A quorum of the Board was in attendance.


Highway Superintendent Douglas Snickles, Water Superintendent Jeff Cotter, Code Enforcement Officer Joseph Amell, Wastewater Superintendent Stanley Ingison, and Town Clerk Barbara Darrah.


Nancy Bernstein of the Clean Energy Communities Program, Nicholas Delaini, of Hex and Hop, and Sandy Hayes, Community.

Notice was posted regarding the date of this meeting.

Supervisor Montroy called the Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Code Enforcement Officer Joseph Amell led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Supervisor Montroy invited Nancy Bernstein to begin her presentation regarding the Clean Energy Communities Program, NYSERDA for Municipalities. Nancy had distributed an action step plan and stated by completing 4 out of the 10 high impact actions assists the town in becoming more energy efficient and more energy friendly, which moves you closer to receiving funds from their grants: Benchmarking, Solarize, Unified Solar Permit, and Energy Code Enforcement Training. The Code Enforcement training will be held on June 27th in Plattsburgh, NY. Solarize campaign is trying to get more residences to use solar power. Thus far, from this campaign, 14 solar installations have happened. The local school provided a letter of commitment which counts as 10+ more installations. The available grants are $50,000 for a town’s clean energy project: renovating the Town Hall, replacing lighting in buildings and street lights. The town has 90 days to submit a proposal. Two Resolutions followed the presentation. Councilperson Samuel Grimone suggested Joseph Amell review the NYS Unified Solar Permit and let the town board know of any concerns, questions, or approval. The Adoption of the Unified Solar Permit was tabled until July’s meeting in order to allow Code Enforcement Officer Joseph Amell time to review.


Highway Superintendent Douglas Snickles reported the highway crew finished picking up the road sand from the Town’s roads this winter. Douglas stated they borrowed the Town of Brighton’s tow-behind rake for the dirt roads. Douglas also reported the highway crew began cleaning up the front yard of the Highway Garage in preparation of a memorial for Roger Oliver. They installed a flag pole, black dirt and grass seed. Ollie Burgess donated 40 feet of fencing. Douglas stated he is still getting prices on some kind of monument or plaque. Douglas reported the highway crew cleaned brush and debris at the youth field resulting from the wind storm. They also fixed the toilet in the girls’ bathroom at the Youth Building. The highway crew assisted Stan Ingison in locating sewer manholes on River Road. In addition, the crew has begun patching potholes. Douglas stated he is still waiting to hear from the County on ordering the new plow blades. He explained there needs to be so many pounds worth of steel for the County to place the order. Douglas also reported he needs to find out when the state money is available because he want to crusher-run the dirt roads. Douglas announced there would be no paving of roads this year. Lastly, Douglas reported they found two more broken springs on the state-run truck.


Water Superintendent Jeffrey Cotter presented the following written report to the Board:

Town of St. Armand Water Report for 6/12/18 Board Meeting

    1. Former GAGA's Bar Reading and Service Turn On- On 5/10/18, I obtained a water reading for Barb at the former GAGA's bar on Oregon Plains Rd. Barb also asked me to turn the water on, however the water was never turned off due to the shutoff not working. I had previously advised the owners to place a heat tape on the water line in the basement to prevent the line from freezing, which they did.
    2. Dig Safe Tickets - On 5/14/18, I received a request to mark our water line location on the River Road next to National Grid pole #8. Did same. I also received a request to mark our water line location on Rt. #3 at the Yorkey residence for an in ground pool. Did same.
    3. Badger Meters - I spoke with Betsy at Hulbert's on 5/15/18 about the problems we have been having with some of the new Badger Meters. She has been in contact with Badger and they said they no longer sell the units that we have been having trouble with. They are now selling a "more reliable model". Badger informed Hulbert's that they would only warranty the new meters for one year. Betsy is looking into their options to provide a more reliable meter system.
    4. Investigated "Loud Noise" at 47 Prospect St. - On 5/23/18, I investigated what was reported to be a loud humming noise coming from the toilet or sewer lift station on 47 Prospect St. I checked the level in the sewer lift station and also checked the operation of the sewer pump. The level was normal and the pump operation was also normal. I spoke with the owner and she said the noise had gone away. I suspect that when the sewer lift pump is operating it may be making a humming noise and that's what the owner was hearing.
    5. Meter Reading at 36 Blue Spruce - On 5/23/18, I obtained a meter reading at Barb's request at 36 Blue Spruce as they appear to be using more water than normal. I could find no obvious problems or leaks at this location.
    6. Located Water Curb Stop at 1811 Rt. #3 - On 5/29/18, I located the water curb stop shut off at 1811 Rt. #3 at the request of the owner. I was able to locate the way box, however it was more than 1' underground and it was bent over. I informed the home owner that the valve and way box are his responsibility to repair. The owner said he would hand dig the valve in the next few weeks to see if he could straighten it.
    7. Shut Off 1653 NYS RT. #3 Per Order - On 5/31/18, I shut off 1653 NYS Rt. #3 per order. I also applied a lock to the way box. Later that day, I received another request to turn the water back on as the customer paid his bill in full.
    8. Reprogrammed Reader - On 5/31/18, I reprogrammed one of the newer style Badger readers at 29 Poplar. I also checked the wire nuts to ensure that there were no loose connections. One seemed loose. Time will tell if that will resolve the problem with this reader.
    9. Obtained Final Reading at 12 Blue Spruce - On 5/31/18, I obtained a final reading at Barb's request at 12 Blue Spruce.
    10. Handed Out More Door Knockers - On 6/5/18, I began handing out 42 new door knockers to customers who were late on paying their water bill. Customers have since been coming in to pay their bills. Most of them.
    11. Increased Well #5 Run Time - On 6/8/18, I increased the run time on well #5 by 1 hour to meet an increase in summer water consumption.
    12. Request To Turn The Water On At 44 Poplar - On 6/9/18, I attempted to turn the water on at 44 Poplar per the home owners request. The curb stop would not turn on. I advised the home owner that she would have to hand dig or hire a plumber to dig up and repair or replace the curb stop. I told her that she would have to coordinate with me so I could mark the water line locations and schedule a shutdown of the street while repairs are made. She suggested that the replacement should be the towns responsibility. I informed her that she owned the curb stop and it was her responsibility to have it repaired but this needed to be scheduled with me also.
    13. Water Emergency 44 Poplar - Later that same day (6/9/18), at 44 Poplar, I received a call from the owner that they had hit the water line with a backhoe while trying to dig it up for repair. I responded to the emergency as water was filling up the hole and running down the side of the road. I had to shut off Poplar St. and let the owner borrow the Town's "crimping" tool to stop the leak. The owner is planning on replacing the curb stop and way box this Friday. We should put a notice out stating that the water will be shut-off this Friday for approximately 2 hours from 10 -12 pm on Poplar St.. I provided the curb stop and way box for the owner to use and she should be billed for both.
    14. Water Emergency 16 Maple - On Sunday 6/10/18, I responded to a water emergency at 16 Maple st. The owner called me and said he had water spraying all over under his house in the crawl space. I responded and the curb stop would not initially shut off so I crawled into the crawl space and was able to stop the leak with a ball valve. Later that day I was able to free up the curb stop and get that working.
    15. Monthly Lab Testing was submitted to Life Science Lab with no issues to report.


Code Enforcement Officer Joseph Amell presented the following report to the Board:

STATUS REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF MAY 2018* (Includes actions up to June 12, 2018)

Applications Received: 10
Permit Application Conferences: 1
Notices of Incomplete Applications: 0
Building Permits Issued: 9
Building Permit Applications Pending Due to Payment: 0
Fees Collected: $450.00
Fees Due: $0
Site Inspections: 1
Field Visits: 0
Notice(s) for Fire Safety / Property Maintenance Inspection(s): 0
Violation Letter(s): 0 (Certified), 0 (Non-Certified)
Notice and Order(s): 0 (Non-Certified), 0 (Certified)
Stop Work Order(s): 0
Appearance Tickets: 0
Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 1
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 0
Record Search: 0

Monthly Highlights:

Enforcement Action

• No action taken at this time (pending full certification of training)

New Building Permits and Applications

• This Office issued nine (9) permits for this monthly cycle.

o 18_SA_003-Levesque- Issued permit on 06/04/2018, to start construction of foundation for the addition to the existing house per conditions in the letter that is attached to the permit package. This letter also states information regarding pole barn’s lack of design information. This permit is issued for that work as well as pending that the conditions of this letter are met.

o 18_SA_007-Yorkey- Issued Permit and condition letter on 06/04/2018, to start construction of an in- ground pool. This permit has been issued at this time for excavation and installation of the pool the permit application lacked sufficient information regarding electrical systems and guard protection (fence) for in ground pools. The stated applicants will remain in contact with this office and forward said information when they receive it from the contractor that they hire to do the work. This office gave applicant the required guidelines (printed copy) for NYS standards of swimming pools to ensure that all the proper standards will be followed.

o 18_SA_009-Snickles- Issued permit on 06/04/2018, for a deck and protection system for an above- ground pool.

o 18_SA_010-Damour- This office received a complaint on or about May 8, 2018 regarding a re-roof taking place in the Town of Saint Armand without a Building Permit. I investigated this complaint via drive by inspection and happened to catch the home owner in their driveway. They stated that they did not have a permit and were not under the impression they needed one. I advised them that they did in fact need one. The proper channels were followed to receive the permit. The permit was issued and a twenty-five dollar late fee was assessed and paid with check for permit.

o 18_SA_011-Goff- Demolition Permit issued on 05/02/2018 for the demolition of a single wide trailer.

o 18_SA¬_012-Kidder- Issued a permit and conditions letter for alterations level 2 to convert the building at 27 Oregon Plains from a restaurant/bar to a single family dwelling. This office issued a permit and conditions letter on 06/01/2018. The work permitted at this time is for demolition only. Mr. Kidder is waiting on a licensed design professional for detailed drawings to show his intended use and to ensure that all renovations will meet the standards of today’s building code.

o 18_SA_013-Mayville- Issued a permit on 05/22/2018, for an accessory structure on Mr. Mayville’s property.

o 18_SA_014-Moody- Issued a permit and a conditions letter on 06/08/2018, To Susan Moody to have new roofing materials installed at her property known as the Doctor’s Inn.

Existing Permits

o 18-SA-006- Laura Schmidt- The Code Official met with Laura at his office and received the application for Alterations/Level 2 for the property of 791 Saint Regis Avenue. Upon review of the Application the Code Official determined the applicant is in need of submitting some sort of building plan, suggesting the anticipated scope of work. The Code Official contacted Laura and explained this. She is planning on submitting this paperwork as soon as possible. The Code Official received Payment for Application but has not issued a permit at this time. The check and submittal to the Clerk of the Supervisor has been made.

o 16-SA-034-Kasson- This office was contacted by Guy Schwietzer informing me that he would be continuing the work performed for said Permit. The Code Official met on site with Mr. Schwietzer to go over existing citations that the previous Code Official had imposed upon this project. This office determined that the contractor’s plan to remedy the existing problems associated with this project are going to be sufficient. This office has visually inspected progress since its restart with new contractor. The new work is finished. This office performed a final inspection and issued a Certificate of Completion on May 31, 2018.

The Code Official successfully passed his third section of training and turned in a copy of his certificate of completion to the Town Supervisor. The Department of State is supposed to release the last three remaining dates for required training sometime this month. As of this time the information has not been released. The Code Official will inform the Town Supervisor when these dates are released. Thank You.


Wastewater Superintendent Stanley Ingison presented the following report:

Town of St. Armand Wastewater Department Summary of last month’s activities for the June 2018 meeting

    1) Did daily collections, testing and recorded data.
    2) Did daily checks of all systems at the PTB and WWTP and recorded the data.
    3) Wrote up the DEC monthly operating report and the discharge monitoring report and submitted them digitally.
    4) Did weekly generator checks.
    5) Did weekly greasing of the paddle wheel drive and clarifier drives.
    6) Did the weekly flexing of all the aeration diffusers.
    7) Did all the research on the Core Climate Oxygen sensor, got the okay and ordered a replacement sensor.
    8) I have been testing the Surfloc B-1110 polymer / coagulant mix and have found it to be working significantly better than the Slack Plus 70 but found it also needs a higher feed rate than hoped to reach the productivity we need to meet the DEC limits. I have ordered a second shipment to continue the testing.
    9) This spring our collection system inflow and infiltration (I & I) is higher than ever before with the rain and snow melt. Under our SPDES permit and plant design the flow limit and capacity is 60,000 GPD and we are up to 50 days over the limit. The highest day remains at 118,000 gallons; almost twice the limit. I do not expect to have any more this year unless we get a really high rainfall a few days in a row.
    10) Lagoon #1 did continue to recede to a closer to normal level so we have not had any more concerns of overflow since our last meeting. I have not yet calculated the phosphorus outfall from the plant for last month but the test result was up high enough that if the flow volume continued long enough we may have been over limit again. I had increased the polymer feed rate again so we will see if that helped increase the Phosphorus removal in the sample I sent out this morning. The algae removal has been better and I am gathering that information for the engineers to see if that changes our disinfection mandate engineering work.
    11) I did manage to get a seat in the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act for the NY-Alert system training class in Albany and attended that two weeks ago. I registered the Town of St. Armand in the system which is still not completed yet but is due to go on line on the 14th of this month, I believe. I tried to do a training alert the day I registered us but the system wasn’t fully working. I will try again tomorrow. It is a $5,000 fine if we do not report a spill on this site within 2 hours.
    12) The fire alarm system that Adirondack Alarm repaired last month has been working properly ever since.
    13) Hex & Hop Brewery: I do not know what has been happening lately with Ethan Mikesell’s request for the Bloomin’ Market property. If there is anything you want me to work on, please let me know.
    14) I had Steve Grimm from the NY Rural Water Association here yesterday doing I & M inspections of the River Road sewer main. Last week we were searching for Man Hole 33 and couldn’t find it from the surface and the line was too clogged with items to get the camera through yesterday. Tomorrow, Saranac Lake DPW is sending us their Vacuum truck to clean it out and their camera equipment to search for the manhole. We are very lucky that Saranac Lake has such a strong regard for community service. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the River Road main.


    Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller, who moved its adoption, offered the following Resolution:

    WHEREAS, the Village of Saranac Lake (the "Village") intends to apply for a Downtown Revitalization Initiative (the "DRI") award through the North Country Regional Economic Development Council; and

    WHEREAS, Saranac Lake is a commercial, institutional, cultural and transportation hub for a large catchment area in the Adirondacks; and

    WHEREAS, the Village's historic and walkable downtown has long attracted residents, visitors, artisans and small businesses; and

    WHEREAS, Saranac Lake has a rich history of planning for its future and successfully implementing community goals including downtown revitalization; and

    WHEREAS, in 2012 the Village and Downtown stakeholders created a public-private partnership based upon the Main Street America approach that has brought a disciplined and sustained focus to downtown revitalization; and

    WHEREAS, Downtown Saranac Lake has benefited from millions of dollars in public and private investment over the last several years; and

    WHEREAS, award of DRI funding will catalyze significant additional public and private investment and accelerate the pace of downtown revitalization; and

    WHEREAS, award of DRI funding to an Adirondack community will support and promote the local, regional and state goals of fostering thriving and sustainable communities within the Adirondack Park; and

    WHEREAS, the Village's vision and goals for Downtown Saranac Lake will help implement goals identified in the Franklin County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy including improving the regional economic development climate, promoting an entrepreneurial culture, and enhancing tourism opportunities; and

    WHEREAS, the Town of St. Armand has identified downtown revitalization throughout the county as a priority for 2018 and beyond.

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Town of St. Armand fully supports the Village of Saranac Lake's Round Three Downtown Revitalization Initiative application; andfully supports the Village of Saranac Lake's Round Three Downtown Revitalization Initiative application; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Town of St. Armand pledges its commitment to be the Village's partner throughout the DRI implementation process.

    THIS RESOLUTION was duly seconded by Councilperson Donald Amell and adopted by Roll Call Vote as follows:

    Supervisor Dean Montroy AYE
    Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller AYE
    Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
    Councilperson D. Joseph Bates AYE
    Councilperson Samuel Grimone AYE

    DATED: June 12, 2018 Barbara J. Darrah St. Armand Town Clerk


    Councilperson Samuel Grimone, who moved its adoption, offered the following Resolution:

    WHEREAS, buildings are the single largest user of energy in the State of New York, and the poorest performing buildings typically use several times the energy of the highest performing buildings, for the exact same building use; and

    WHEREAS, this local policy will use Building Energy Benchmarking to promote the public health, safety, and welfare by making available good, actionable information on municipal building energy use to help identify opportunities to cut costs and reduce pollution in the Town of St. Armand; and

    WHEREAS, collecting, reporting, and sharing Building Energy Benchmarking data on a regular basis allows municipal officials and the public to understand the energy performance of municipal buildings relative to similar buildings nationwide; and

    WHEREAS, equipped with this information, the Town of St. Armand will be able to make smarter, more cost-effective operational and capital investment decisions, reward efficiency, and drive widespread, continuous improvement.

    WHEREAS, on the 8th day of July, 2015, the Town of St. Armand did issue and sell a Bond Anticipation Renewal Note in the principle amount of $166,221.60; and

    WHEREAS, the following definitions will apply:
    (A) "Benchmarking Information" shall mean information generated by Portfolio Manager, as herein defined including descriptive information about the physical building and its operational characteristics.
    (B) "Building Energy Benchmarking" shall mean the process of measuring a building’s Energy use, tracking that use over time, and comparing performance to similar buildings.
    (C) "Commissioner" shall mean Town Supervisor.
    (4) "Covered Municipal Building" shall mean a building or facility that is owned or occupied by the Town of St. Armand that is 1,000 square feet or larger in size.
    (5) "Department" shall mean the [name of the Department or authorized Body assigned the responsibility of administering the Energy benchmarking program].
    (6) "Energy" shall mean electricity, natural gas, steam, hot or chilled water, fuel oil, or other product for use in a building, or renewable on-site electricity generation, for purposes of providing heating, cooling, lighting, water heating, or for powering or fueling other end-uses in the building and related facilities, as reflected in Utility bills or other documentation of actual Energy use.
    (7) "Energy Performance Score" shall mean the numeric rating generated by Portfolio Manager that compares the Energy usage of the building to that of similar buildings.
    (8) "Energy Use Intensity (EUI)" shall mean the kBTUs (1,000 British Thermal Units) used per square foot of gross floor area.
    (9) "Gross Floor Area" shall mean the total number of enclosed square feet measured between the exterior surfaces of the fixed walls within any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy.
    (11) "Portfolio Manager" shall mean ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, the internet-based tool developed and maintained by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to track and assess the relative Energy performance of buildings nationwide, or successor.
    (12) "Utility" shall mean an entity that distributes and sells Energy to Covered Municipal Buildings.
    (13) "Weather Normalized Site EUI" shall mean the amount of Energy that would have been used by a property under 30-year average temperatures, accounting for the difference between average temperatures and yearly fluctuations; and

    WHEREAS, this local policy is applicable to all Covered Municipal Buildings as defined in item 4 above; and

    WHEREAS, the Supervisor or authorized individual may exempt a particular Covered Municipal Building from the benchmarking requirement if he determines that it has characteristics that make benchmarking impractical; and

    WHEREAS, no later than December 31, 2018, and no later than May 1 every year thereafter, the Supervisor or authorized individual or his designee shall enter into Portfolio Manager the total energy consumed by each Covered Municipal Building, along with all other descriptive information required by Portfolio Manager for the previous calendar year; and

    WHEREAS, for new Covered Municipal Buildings that have not accumulated 12 months of Energy use data by the first applicable date following occupancy for inputting Energy use into Portfolio Manager, the Supervisor or authorized individual or his designee shall begin inputting data in the following year; and

    WHEREAS, the Department shall make available to the public online Benchmarking Information for the previous calendar year:
    (a)no later than December 31, 2018 and by September 1 of each year thereafter for Covered Municipal Buildings; and

    WHEREAS, the Department shall make available to the public online and update at least annually, the following Benchmarking Information:
    (a) Summary statistics on Energy consumption for Covered Municipal Buildings derived from aggregation of Benchmarking Information; and
    (b) For each Covered Municipal Building individually:
    (i) The status of compliance with the requirements of this Local Policy; and
    (ii) The building address, primary use type, and gross floor area; and
    (iii) Annual summary statistics, including site EUI, Weather Normalized Source EUI, annual GHG emissions, and an Energy Performance Score where available; and
    (iv) A comparison of the annual summary statistics (as required by this Local Policy) across calendar years for all years since annual reporting under this Local Policy has been required for said building; and

    WHEREAS, the Department shall maintain records as necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Local Policy, including but not limited to Energy bills and other documents received from tenants and/or Utilities. Such records shall be preserved by the Department for a period of three (3) years; and

    WHEREAS, the Supervisor or authorized individual or his or her designee shall be the Administrator of this Local Policy; and

    WHEREAS, the Administrator of this Local Policy may promulgate procedures necessary for the administration of the requirements of this Local Policy; and

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT within thirty days after each anniversary date of the effective date of this Local Policy, the Administrator of the Benchmarking Policy shall submit a report to the Town Board, including but not limited to summary statistics on Energy consumption for Covered Municipal Buildings derived from aggregation of Benchmarking Information, a list of all Covered Municipal Buildings identifying each Covered Municipal Building that the Supervisor or authorized individual determined to be exempt from the benchmarking requirement and the reason for the exemption, and the status of compliance with the requirements of this Local Policy; and

    BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT this Local Policy shall be effective immediately upon adoption by the Town Board and a copy of this Resolution shall be provided to the Supervisor or authorized body assigned the responsibility of administering the Energy Benchmarking program.

    THIS RESOLUTION was duly seconded by Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller and adopted by Roll Call Vote as follows:

    Supervisor Dean Montroy AYE
    Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller AYE
    Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
    Councilperson D. Joseph Bates AYE
    Councilperson Samuel Grimone AYE

    DATED: June 12, 2018 Barbara J. Darrah St. Armand Town Clerk


    The payment abstracts for June 2018 were presented for the Board’s approval as follows:
    General Vouchers # 141 - # 169 in the amount of $9,297.40
    B Fund Vouchers # 17 - # 19 in the amount of $182.14
    Trust and Agency Fund Voucher # 3 in the amount of $5.00
    Highway Vouchers # 92 - # 104 in the amount of $5,379.88
    Highway Outside Vouchers # 5 - # 6 in the amount of $9,174.47
    Water and Sewer Vouchers # 80 - # 95 in the amount of $7,858.45
    Sewer Project Voucher # 2 in the amount of $3,587.82

    Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller made the motion to approve payment of this month’s bills; the motion was seconded by Councilperson D. Joseph Bates. A Roll Call Vote was as follows:

    Supervisor Dean Montroy AYE
    Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller AYE
    Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
    Councilperson D. Joseph Bates AYE
    Councilperson Samuel Grimone AYE

    All approved. Motion carried.


    Supervisor Montroy presented the Board with the Supervisor’s Monthly Report for April 2018 to the Board. Councilperson Samuel Grimone made the Motion to accept the Supervisor’s Monthly Report. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Donald Amell. All in favor. Motion carried.


    Councilperson D. Joseph Bates made the Motion to approve the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of May 8, 2018. The Motion was seconded by Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller. All in favor. Motion carried.


    Town Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the following report for the month of May 2018:

    Spayed/Neutered Dog Licenses: 4 spayed and 4 neutered Dog Licenses for a total of: $56.00
    Unspayed/Unneutered Dog Licenses: 1 unspayed and 2 unneutered Dog Licenses for a total of: $42.00

    Total Revenue Earned: $98.00
    Paid to Supervisor: $81.00
    Paid to NYS Agriculture & Markets: $17.00


    Water & Sewer Clerk Barbara Darrah reported the Water & Sewer Receivables due for all accounts are over 30 days with the amount $19,988.16 owed from the 2nd Quarter billing of April, 2018, which was due on May 23, 2018.

    Water and Sewer Clerk Darrah reported $9,672.62 was collected from past due accounts after door knockers had been placed and Water Superintendent began water shut-offs. All but three customers paid their past due amounts as of June 11, 2018.


    The next Water and Sewer discussion involved the regulation of charging vacant lots that run adjacent to the water and sewer lines with a percentage of the water and sewer debt fee. Supervisor Montroy stated that Town Assessor Donna Bramer and he will be sitting down on Friday, June 15th, to identify the vacant lots within the Water and Sewer district that should be charged.

    Councilperson Samuel Grimone asked if there was a state law preventing parking on a right of way. Supervisor Montroy replied he spoke w Daniel Manning, County Attorney, regarding that question due to a water and sewer customer’s non-payment and parking vehicles over the shut-off. Can we tow a vehicle and what if the vehicle is damaged? If the vehicle is damaged, it is the responsibility of the towing company. If we can prove parking is purposely done to avoid shut-off then we can seek theft of services.

    The Board agreed the Water Superintendent should be present at all water connections.


    After the presentation given by Daniel Delaini, Hex and Hop, the subject of beekeeping surfaced. Councilperson Samuel Grimone stated a couple of years ago it seems he recalls an incentive given to residents keeping bees. He asked if there was a way we could encourage people to have bee hives. Then he stated he read in the Towns and Topics magazine this practice was reviewed by a certain town’s clerk and that could not be done. Councilperson Grimone suggested that we could re-visit the incentive for individuals to have bee hives. Daniel Delaini responded with the fact that certain bee species do certain types of work, for example Bumble Bees are good for tomatoes. He also stated it takes between 40,000 – 80,000 bees to have a strong colony. Brittany Delaini suggested interested individuals contact Emma Mullen, with the Bee Tech Team through Cornell University.

    Supervisor Montroy distributed a handout from Clear Gov Info, an organization he received contact from. The representative asked him to seek the Board’s interest in this company. The Board was not interested.


    Supervisor Montroy asked those present if there were any other questions:

    Guest Sandy Hayes asked if the town could put a "Help Wanted" sign at the transfer station and the Post Office to alert residents that we were seeking someone to run the transfer station. He suggested we do the same for the seniors’ lunch program in order to find someone willing to come in and cook the senior luncheon.


    Councilperson Samuel Grimone made a motion to move into executive session at 8:32 pm. Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller seconded the Motion. Supervisor Montroy asked the Board if the Town Clerk could attend the Executive Session. There were no objections. The purpose of the Executive Session was to discuss pending litigation. The Board approved Supervisor Montroy to seek counsel on pending litigation. The Executive Session adjourned at 8:37 pm.


    Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller made the Motion to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Samuel Grimone. All in favor. Motion carried. The Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm.

    I, Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Board Meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

    Dated: June 12, 2018 Barbara J. Darrah St. Armand Town Clerk

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