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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
6:30 PM

Meeting minutes were approved on July 12, 2016.

A Regular Board Meeting of the Town of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.


Town Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr., Deputy Supervisor Donald Amell, Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, Councilperson D. Joseph Bates, Councilperson Dean Montroy
A quorum of the Board was in attendance.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah, Highway Superintendant Roger Oliver, Water Superintendant Jeff Cotter, Sewer Superintendent Stan Ingison, Code Enforcement Officer Robert Hammond


Sandy Hayes, Davina Winemiller

Notice was posted regarding the date of this meeting.

Supervisor Whitson called the Regular Board Meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.

Supervisor Whitson led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Highway Superintendent Roger Oliver submitted a request for a one-ton pavement roller in order to assist with tampering the 14 culverts needing replacement in 2016. The board discussed other options, possibly renting from a rental retailer, borrowing a pavement roller from other towns or contacting a pavement company to complete the final step of paving after our highway crew did the initial work. Roger stated the two rental retailers no longer carried this item due to towns purchasing their own. He also looked on the internet for used rollers; however, the prices were higher than the new one. Supervisor Whitson tabled the discussion until later in the meeting. Roger announced he would need 14 culverts and the lowest prices were from Aird Dorrance which were running cheaper than the county. Roger discussed the culvert system on Main St. to the Y, stating it is in bad shape and rotting away, and he feared it may cave in. Roger disseminated copies of estimates with four options from company which the board reviewed. Supervisor Whitson told the board he had discussed the possibility of completing the work in stages but Roger feared if it does cave in, it will become an emergency. Davina Winemiller asked if an engineer would be required to prepare design plans before the project went out to bid. COE Robert stated the town is regulated by NYS finance law. Councilperson Montroy asked Roger if he felt if any of the price options lasted longer than others. Roger stated he felt option two was the best option. Supervisor Whitson stated he would put this discussion on the agenda for next month in order to discuss and budget planning for next year. Roger notified COE Robert Hammond that the new town garage does not have any fire detection system. COE Robert Hammond stated garage coding is tricky. He would check into it stating even if not required, the town did have a large investment in the garage. Code Enforcement Office Robert Hammond stated he would need to review a set of the garage plans and would request the architect’s code review.


Water Superintendant Jeff Cotter gave the following written report to the Board: Town of St. Armand Water Report for 6/14/16 Board Meeting 1. Fuller Completes Project - On 5/12/16 Fullers completed the project to replace rusted bolts on the water main valves and related road paving. 2. David Burrows Water Meter Problem - On 5/12/16 I received a call from David Burrows of 18 Union St. about his leaking water meter. I informed him it was his responsibility to replace the meter and advised him on where to get the replacement meter. 3. Water coming into basement of Willette residence on Rt. 3. - On 5/13/16 I was asked to investigate a possible water leak coming into the basement of the Willette residence on Rt. 3. I tested the water for chlorine and it was negative. I informed the owners that the water was not coming from a leak in the town system and that it was more than likely ground water. 4. Leak at "Ga Ga's" - On 5/13/16 I received a call that there was break in the water supply coming into the basement of Ga Ga's on Oregon Plains Rd. I shut the water off to Oregon Plains Rd. to allow for the owners to repair the line. The shutdown was for about 1 hr. 5. Telemetry Equipment Update - The new telemetry equipment that displays the level of the Stand Pipe reservoir is up and running. 6. Reader Programming on 19 Cassavaugh Way - I 5/25/16, I reprogrammed the water reader on 19 Cassavaugh Way. 7. Water Service turned on at 54 Main St. - On 6/2/16 I turned the water on for the summer at 54 Main St. per the owners’ request. 8. Annual Health Department Inspection - On 6/6/16, I met with Danielle Benati of the Saranac Lake Health Department for our Annual Sanitation Inspection. She seemed pleased with our system and the improvements we have made, including the replacement of the rusted bolts on the water main valves. During last year’s inspection, they had recommended that we make plans to start replacing these rusted bolts. 9. Test Ran Both Emergency Generators for the month. 10. Split Services on 54 Prospect - On 6/10/16, Barb asked me to take two water readings at 54 Prospect as the property now has two separate water services. 11. Routine Coliform Test - I sent in two coliform test samples for the month to Life Science Lab, one from the Town Hall and one from the Youth Center, both came back negative. 12. Hydrant Flushing - I plan on flushing fire hydrants later this month. I will work with Barb to notify the public of this upcoming event. He will look at the hydrants on Route 3 that are sitting pretty low. 13. Located and Marked the Water Lines on St. Regis Ave for an upcoming sewer project on that street. Contractors requested the water line be marked for a utility survey they were conducting. 14. Discussion on the above report ensued.


Wastewater Superintendent Stan Ingison provided the following written report for the Board: Town of St. Armand Wastewater Report for the June 2016 meeting 1) Last month we had talked about ESF making some cuttings for us and recently they brought cuttings from 4 species of willows to plant in the reed / willow beds. We planted 100 of each species in beds #1 and #2. So roughly a half a bed full of each species to see if any or all will do as well as the invasive Phragmites (Common Reed) does at taking in all the water and drying the sludge. It will be a couple weeks before we even see if they have sprouted. 2) The Pre-treatment building grit system has been up and running for the month and seems to be doing well. We can start checking if we can scale back the operations to save on electricity and ware on equipment. 3) We continue to work on the fine tuning of the equipment and SCADA systems and the things are running better but another issue surfaced when the phone and internet outage happened. For some reason the SCADA system shut down most of the equipment. The engineers and Aqualogics are working to correct that issue. 4) We continue to work on punch list items but still have a number of items left to do such as getting parts for the PTB crane unit, Blower room air handling system issues, Unusable valve boxes at the main plant, drainage issues in the polymer feed manhole area along with polymer feed unit questions. 5) Albany has called the Ray Brook office wanting to confirm that St. Armand has received the disinfection mandate and Tammy tried to call us last week while the phones were out to confirm it. So I called her back yesterday to confirm that we had. 6) We did get our fire alarm systems hooked into the Simplex Grinnell response unit and they ran a test after logging out of their system but never disabled our own Verbatim call in system which brought in our backup operator looking for the fire. So we know; the hard way; that both systems work. 7) It doesn’t look like it will be possible to get the contractors to weld the grounding cable together in the pre-treatment building to try and stop the ground water leak. It looks like if we want it done we will have to do it on our own. 8) It turns out that all the printer functions were not fully interfacing with the computer and we may have to remove some programming and re-install it to clean things up and get everything working the way it should. 9) I am still working on getting the right feed rate for the new polymer / coagulant to remove the algae component of the effluent from the lagoon system before it gets discharged to the brook. Things are improving but it is not quite there yet and we had a delay in getting product here. 10) I have started looking at the St. Regis St. sewer main and the pump house lift station projects with the AES survey crew and engineers and filling them in by answering their questions. Supervisor Whitson stated AES has been in the area and inspected the sewer main and pump house. A resolution will be proposed later in this meeting for addressing this issue.


CEO Robert Hammond gave the Board the following written report: Applications Received: 8 Permit Application Conferences: 3 Notices of Incomplete Applications: 3 Building Permits Issued: 8 Fees Collected: $425.00 Inspections Completed: 22 Site Visits: 8 Special Inspections: 1 Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 1 Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 0 Stop Work Orders: 2 Violation Letter(s): 1 Notice and Order(s): 1 CEO Hammond reported he received new code books with the 2015 codes and National Electric Code. They were free from the state, a value of close to $1500.00, as a result of completing the annual report and CEO Hammond reported he has been inspecting the White Pine Cabins, working on reviewing the codes required for this type of structure. A letter of violation was sent out to Bob Sweet regarding the clean-up of his property. He has 30 days from the letter of violation to act. CEO Hammond is seeking town council regarding further steps after the 30 days has expired. Supervisor Whitson stated the town will follow the process as required. CEO Hammond reported he received a complaint from residents of an apartment building regarding rodents and ants. He will schedule a building inspection in the near future. CEO Hammond requested to pursue electrical certification through the National Electrical Certification Course. Sandy Hayes presented a question regarding the inspection of the White Pine Cabins. CEO Hammond addressed the question, stating what he has approved thus far.


Councilperson Fuller made a motion to pay this month’s bills; the motion was seconded by Councilperson Bates. All agreed. Motion carried.


Supervisor Whitson gave the Board his report. This report will be kept on file in the Office of the Town Clerk and is available to any interested party. Deputy Supervisor Amell made a motion to accept the Supervisor’s Report’s for May 2016, seconded by Councilperson Fuller. All approved. Motion carried. Supervisor Whitson discussed the stipend for the Board of Assessment Review. This stipend will be discussed in the budget meeting for 2017’s budget.


Councilperson D. Joseph Bates made the motion to approve the minutes of Regular Board Meeting May 10, 2016. Motion seconded by Councilperson Montroy. All approved. Motion carried.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the following report for the month of May 2016:

Spayed/Neutered Dog Licenses: 5 for $35.00
Unspayed/Unneutered Dog Licenses: 3 for $42.00
Certified Death Certificates: 2 for $20.00
Certified Marriage Certified Copies: 2 for $20.00


Water & Sewer Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the Water & Sewer Receivables Report of $3,437.76 received as of June 14, 2016 and a $26,659.02 balance due for all accounts.


Supervisor Whitson discussed with the board the issue of rebate to residents within the Town of St. Armand who participated with solar power in the future. The board discussed the matter and concluded there would be no rebate by the town to residents using solar power. Councilperson Montroy made the motion to approve a statement in the meeting minutes would suffice. Councilperson Fuller seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried. Supervisor Whitson informed those present at the Board meeting that the furnace in the basement of the Town Hall was replaced in the beginning of June. The previous Gold Wing furnace was rusted and seals were cracked in several places, causing severe leaking of water. Supervisor Whitson discussed a new resolution for the following:

Resolution 25 of 2016 – Put out Bids for Main Street Pump Station, St. Regis Sewer Lines, and Solar Panels for Waste Water Treatment Project

The following Resolution was offered by Deputy Supervisor Donald Amell:

WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of St. Armand has been working with Engineering Firm AES Northeast for upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment Facility and Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades, also known as the St. Armand Sewer Project, and

WHEREAS, The Town Board of the Town of St. Armand hereby requests that AES Northeast put forth bids to be submitted per AES Northeast’s Engineering Requirements for each phase of the above-mentioned project which includes installation of a new Pump Station at East Main Street/Canal Lane, installation of new Sewer Lines on St. Regis Avenue, and installation of Solar Panels at the Waste Water Treatment Plant located at 112 River Road in Bloomingdale, and

NOW AND THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the St. Armand Town Board does hereby approve the Bidding Process to begin immediately to have the above-mentioned projects started as soon as possible.

This Resolution motion was made by Amell and seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller and adopted by roll-call vote as follows:ALL AYE

Supervisor Whitson presented to the Board that there needs to be a meeting to discuss the Fire Contract for next year. A special meeting is scheduled for June 23rd, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. Supervisor Whitson presented the request from the Town of St. Armand Over 55 club for a donation of $950 for 2016. This was approved by the Board.



Supervisor Whitson reported there was work that needed to be done at the cemetery. Davina Winemiller stated there was $5,000 allotted in 2016 budget for cemetery repair. The Highway Department’s request for the purchase of the one-ton roller was brought forward from earlier in the meeting. Councilman Fuller asked Supervisor Whitson if he felt this equipment was necessary. Supervisor Whitson stated he did feel this equipment was needed in order to do a complete job. One concern brought forward was the additional cost of a trailer to haul the roller. Supervisor Whitson thought that a trailer currently owned by the Town with some alterations could be used rather than purchasing a new trailer. Davina Winemiller suggested the town could possibly use another company (Fuller’s, for example) to come out and complete the finish work or the towns have shared services and perhaps. The Board decided not to act on this request tonight. Supervisor Whitson asked those present if there were any other questions. Sandy Hayes stated the crusher run placed in the cemetery by the town looked very nice.


Supervisor Whitson informed the Board that there was no change since last month with the Rugby Lawsuit in Essex County Court. The Davis assessment lawsuit is scheduled for June 29, 2016 in Essex County Court.


Councilperson Bates made the motion to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting at 8:26 p.m., seconded by Councilperson Montroy. All approved. Motion carried.

I, Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Board meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

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