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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

May 9, 2013

A Special Board meeting of the Town Board of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.


Town Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr., Deputy Supervisor Samuel A. Grimone, Councilperson Donald Amell, Councilperson Earl J. Dakin, Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, Town Clerk Davina Thurston, Highway Superintendant Roger Oliver, Highway Deputy Supervisor Doug Snickles


Sandy Hayes, Bucky Willette, Ethan Hall - Architect, Ollie Burgess, Deanna Gonyea, Dale Gonyea, Chuck Bruce

Notice was sent to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise regarding this meeting.

Town Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr. called the special board meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Councilperson Fuller led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Supervisor Whitson opened his Special Board Meeting by stating that this meeting was called so that the Board could receive the recommendations of the Highway Garage Committee. The Committee members included Ollie Burgess, Chuck Bruce, Sheridan Swinyer and Paul Aery. Tug Duffy was also originally on this committee but he chose to remove himself to prevent a future conflict of interest as he may be bidding on the Garage Project in the future. The Committee members were chosen due to their knowledge of construction and their concern for the Town of St. Armand. This committee received no financial compensation for their time spent researching and developing their recommendations for the Highway Garage.

    1. Review and assess the size and type of construction for the garage

    2. Review and assess the design and cost of construction

    3. Review and assess the current and future needs of the Highway Department

    4. Evaluate functional needs of the Highway Department with regards to equipment and storage necessities

    5. Examine the cost of the building types with the long-term use of the garage in mind

    6. Examine the cost of heating, maintenance and repair long-term of each type of construction

    7. Assess the effective life-span of each type of building

    8. Evaluate the yearly cost efficiency of each type of building with regard to heating, cooling and upkeep

The Committee looked at four different types of construction designs:

    1. Wood frame construction - pole barn type

    2. Conventional stick frame building

    3. Steel frame building

    4. Concrete structure

Ollie spoke about the "Dream List" vs. the "Bare Bones" of what the Highway Department needs. The Committee wanted to find a "Happy Medium" between the two. The Committee was given a set of architectural prints to utilize for ideas. The Committee members visited over 15 area buildings, and interviewed many building owners, highway superintendants and other highway employees to get their feedback on the buildings that have recently been constructed.

During the presentation made by Ollie, several Board members and audience members asked questions and were answered by Ollie and Architect Ethan Hall.

Ollie stated that the Committee makes the following Recommendations:

    1. The Building size should be 106 feet by 60 feet

    2. Design should be poured concrete floor with in-floor radiant heat - either oil or propane fired

    3. A 3 feet high perimeter of poured concrete, 8 inches thick, should be around the entire building

    4. The Building should be 2x8 stick frame construction with a pressure treated bottom plate

    5. The ceiling height should be 16 feet with no storage above, just insulation

    6. The total height of the building would be 28 feet

    7. Clear span 60 feet duel pitch trusses with 4/12 pitch - from the top plate would be 12 feet

    8. Steel Roof - Ethan recommended snow stops

    9. Walls sheathed with OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

    10. Exterior - steel then insulated 8" fiberglass insulation- OSB interior - with a 6 inch gap, not all the way to the floor with metal interior and exterior

    11. Ceiling should be metal with OSB and 12 inch fiberglass insulation

    12. Floor drains should be utilized

    13. Roof should be sheathed with 5/8 inch sheet goods, steel on top, good insulation and ventilation

    14. Doors should be 16 by 14 feet and 2 inches thick

    15. The building can be built very simply, with electric, most plumping and mechanical engineering to take place after the building is up. Changes can be easily made to this type of building.

    16. State Regulations must be met with regards to the construction of the building

    17. The Committee strongly recommends a "Clerk of the Works" to keep construction on task and within budget

Further discussion ensued, and it was agreed that an additional garage door should be installed to the side of the building allow for access of the smaller pieces of equipment.

Each of the Board Members thanked the Highway Garage Committee for their diligence and effort involved with making their recommendations.

RESOLUTION 28 of 2013 - Highway Garage

Deputy Supervisor Grimone, who moved its adoption, offered the following resolution.

WHEREAS A Resolution of the St. Armand Town Board is hereby made to proceed with the construction of a new Highway Garage, and

WHEREAS the Town of St. Armand Board agrees to the recommendations put forth by the Highway Garage Committee, and

WHEREAS the Town of St. Armand Board agrees that additional recommendations to the structure be made by Architect Ethan Hall of Rucinski Hall Architecture,

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Town of St. Armand Board does hereby agree to go forward with the construction plans for a new Highway Garage.

Councilpersons Dakin, Amell and Fuller duly seconded this resolution, and adopted by roll call as follows:

Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr. AYE

Deputy Supervisor Samuel A. Grimone AYE

Councilperson Earl J. Dakin, Jr. AYE

Councilperson Donald Amell AYE

Councilperson Jennifer L. Fuller AYE

I, Davina M. Thurston, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Special Board meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

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