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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 6:30 PM

These minutes were approved on November 9, 2017.

A Regular Board Meeting of the Town of St. Armand was held on the above date at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.


Town Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr., Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates, Councilperson Donald Amell, Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, and Councilperson Dean Montroy.
A quorum of the Board was in attendance.


Deputy Highway Superintendent Douglas Snickles, Water Superintendent Jeff Cotter, Code Enforcement Officer Robert Hammond, Wastewater Superintendent Stanley Ingison, and Town Clerk Barbara Darrah.


Sandy Hayes and Devin James were in attendance.

Notice was posted regarding the date of this meeting.

Supervisor Whitson called the Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Councilperson Jennifer Fuller led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Supervisor Charles Whitson asked to begin the Highway Department segment with discussion on the issue of fencing around the highway’s sand pile, due to certain youths found playing on the sand hill. Charles reported he contacted Ayres insurance and spoke with Rob Reyell asking if posting private property signs would be sufficient versus fencing in the area. Rob Reyell responded that if the Town had to go to court over this issue, there would be stronger action with a fence. Yes, they could go over the top of it or cut through it, but a fence would be more of a deterrent than signs. Discussion ensued as to the various placement ideas for the fence, taking into consideration how much maneuvering room would be needed for the large plow trucks to turn in the driveway and to access the gas pumps. A slide gate would need to be installed for all to access the sand pile. Another point was brought up that the trucks delivering salt to the Town do so in the early morning hours and would need a code or key to access the sand pile if there were a gate in place. A sliding gate would also increase the work load of the highway crew in keeping the gate clear of snow and ice to prevent the gate from freezing up and not moving.

Deputy Supervisor Bates asked Douglas Snickles if he sought information on how much a sliding gate would cost. Douglas stated he had checked with CNE and Freedom Fencing out of Plattsburgh. Deputy Supervisor Bates said he would get Douglas the phone number of Aztec (fencing) out of Glens Falls.

Sandy Hayes asked if there were security cameras at the town garage. Douglas Snickles replied there were none. Councilperson Dean Montroy added that there would need to be more lighting installed in the back of the town garage in order for cameras to work properly. Mr. Hayes stated he did not understand the exposure for children to be hurt at the town garage any different than it would be for children sliding down the hills in the winter at the Youth Field or riding bikes on the Town sidewalks. Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates asked if our insurance would cover the Town in this scenario. Supervisor Whitson replied he will contact Ayers Insurance in the morning.

Supervisor Whitson asked Douglas Snickles if any individuals had approached him expressing interest in the highway crew vacancy. Douglas stated he had spoken to the Town Clerk regarding placing an ad for the job vacancy. The Town Clerk asked the Board for clarification regarding a CDL license being required or could it be after hiring. Councilperson Donald Amell asked if we were going to advertise the job requesting the applicant be a Town of St. Armand resident. The Board discussed and decided upon the wording: “CDL license preferred” and “Town of St. Armand resident preferred”.


Water Superintendent Jeff Cotter presented the following written report to the Board:

Town of St. Armand Water Report for 10/10/17 Meeting

    1. Order to shut-off water service - On 9/20/17, I received an order to shut-off the water service at a residence on the River Road. I spoke with the home owner prior to turning off the water and she immediately went to the Town Hall to make a payment. She has since made several payments. I spoke to Charlie and he instructed me to leave the water on due to the efforts of the home owner to pay off her outstanding balance on her bill.
    2. Request to Turn on Water - I received a call on Sunday 9/24/17 to turn on the water at 1659 RT.3 by "Larry" who was working on the plumbing at the residence. I had turned the water off last Fall for the winter as the home was vacant. I responded to call, dug up the buried curb stop and turned on the water. I notified Barb of the service so that she could bill the new resident.
    3. Submitted Coliform Samples - On 9/26/17, I submitted coliform samples from the Town Hall and Highway Garage. Both samples came back from the lab as Negative.
    4. Test Ran Both Generators with no issues to report.
    5. Request to Shut-off Water Service - On 9/27/17, I received a request to shut-off the water service to 11 Andrew Way as the resident is going away for the winter. I responded and shut the water off.
    6. 5 Blue Spruce Way Reading - 6. Verified Meter Readings per Barb's Request - On 10/2 - 10/3, I verified 13 meter readings for Barb to clear up some billing issues.
    7. Disinfection By-Product Testing Results In - On 10/4/17, I received the results from this years testing for disinfection by-products. The test results from the Town Hall showed a Total Trihalomethane Concentration of 28 ug/l and the results of the Last Fire Hydrant on the River Road for a Total Trihalomethane Concentration were 40 ug/l. Good Results. The MCL allowed = 80 ug/l.
    8. Disinfection By-Products For Total Haloacetic Acid Concentration - Town Hall results = 6.9 ug/l. River Road Fire Hydrant =3.2 ug/l. The MCL for this test is 60 ug/l. We are well below the MCL for this test. MCL = Maximum Contaminant Level.
    9. Synchronized Water Reader and Meter at Youth Center - On 10/5/17, I worked with Charlie to synchronize the meter reader and meter located in the basement of the Youth Center building.
    10. 9 Academy Reading - On 10/5/17, I provided Barb with a water reading at 9 Academy.
    11. 11 Alpine Reading - On 10/10/17, I provided Barb with a water reading at 11 Alpine.
    12. 8 Oregon Plains Reader Problem - I spoke with the owner of this residence on 10/10/17 to discus his options for inaccurate water readings. I suggested that he try to replace the reader first as this was a much cheaper option. He asked me to replace the reader. I will do this tomorrow.
    13. Fire Hydrant Flushing to begin on 10/16/17 through 10/31/17. a notice will be posted on the board at the fire house and posted on the town’s Facebook page indicating there may be cloudy water during this flushing period.
    14. Wet Tap Still Pending On School St. - Waiting for approval.
    15. Obtained a list of Certified Back-Flow Preventors from the Health Department today. To test Garage and Sewer plant back flow preventers. Only one tester is listed in Essex county.

Jeff Cotter noted that all newly built homes with public water will now require back flow prevention devices. This will require a certified installer.


CEO Robert Hammond presented the following report to the Board:

Status Report for the Month of September 2017

Applications Received: 4
Permit Application Conferences: 0
Notices of Incomplete Applications: 1
Building Permits Issued: 3
Building Permits Pending Due to Payment: 0
Fees Collected: $100.00
Fees Pending: $50.00
Site Inspections: 17
Field Visits: 4
Notice(s) for Fire Safety / Property Maintenance Inspection(s): 0
Violation Letter(s): 0 (Certified), 0 (Non-Certified)
Notice and Order(s): 0 (Non-Certified), 1 (Certified)
Stop Work Order(s): 1
Appearance Tickets: 0
Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 7
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Completion: 0
Record Search: 0

September Highlights:

Enforcement Action

• 17-SA-01PM: Dennin, Greg (aka: Absolute Repair, 1653 NYS Route 3) - Enforcement Action
o Notice and Order issued.
o Date to correct and remedy these violations is 10 November 2017

• 16-SA-034: Kasson, Joy & Matt - 1225 State Rte. 3 – Enforcement Action
o Homeowner has notified this Office of written notification to Contractor.
o Positive action continues.

• 17-SA-002: Kanze, Edward & Debbie / Witt, Scott, 80 Moose Lane, (Housing Assistance Program of Essex County) – Enforcement Action
o Mr. Witt responded to Notice of Incomplete Application (NOIA).
o This office found Mr. Witt’s response a combination of a commentary of the work that was performed and a response to the NOIA.
o NOIA No. 2 has been issued.

New Building Permits and Applications

• 17-SA-033: Kanze, Edward & Debbie, 80 Moose Lane – Septic System Replacement
o Permitted and Completed in one week.
o System Certified by Engineer of Record.

• 17-SA-034: Willette, Karyl, 219 River Road – Re-Roofing
o Homeowner Project
o Work In-Progress.

• 17-SA-035: Patnode, Robert, 1825 NYS Rte. 3 – Alteration – Level 1
o Homeowner Project – Reconstruction/Reconfiguration of Basement Bulkhead Entrance.
o Work In-Progress.

• 17-SA-036: Bordeau, Matthew, 26 Matthew Way - Manufactured Homes and Buried Utilities.
o Notice of Incomplete Application Issued
 Article 21-B Manufactured Homes
 Part 1210 Manufactured Home Regulations
o Proof of Contractor’s Workers Compensation.
o Reviewed Situation with Applicant – Current situation is Unpermitted. Unit installed two (2) years ago without a Building Permit.

Existing Building Permits

• 17-SA-014: Reyell, Kurt – 232 Trudeau Road – Deck Project
o Railing Completed.
o Final Inspection Requested.

• 17-SA-019: Snickles, Douglas - 35 River Road – Pool Installation
o Received Final Electrical.
o Final Inspection Requested.

• 17-SA-021: Fortune, Tim - 299 River Road – Re-Roofing
o Work Completed.
o Final Inspection Completed.

• 17-SA-032: Dufee, Evan / Moziak, Mike - 21 Mt. Pisgah Road – Re-Roofing
o Work progressed all September.
o Final Inspection Requested.

CEO Robert Hammond reported he will need to delve into the archives in order to complete the building permit for the Camp Woodsmoke Boathouse. The APA permit is done and the Army Corps of Engineers permit is done. In order to do the building permit, he will need to look at the pier records, as the history of the piers is going to be directly associated with the APA permit.


Wastewater Superintendent Stanley Ingison presented the following written report to the Board:

Summary of last month's activities for the October 2017 meeting

1) All equipment damaged by the power surge continues to run as scheduled after the repair and / or replacement.

2) The screen auger which had no damage from the surge somehow got stuck on Sunday night for which we did get an alarm. While meeting with Aqualogics about it, we found that the remote access to the SCADA system was not working so we are looking into those things.

3) Also I lost access to the solar panel web site recently and am trying to connect with Kevin to find out what the story with that is.

4) I have gotten the materials and built a transducer stilling well meeting the AES specifications for the WWTP wet well. I also got the materials and tools to install it and will do that soon so we can put the second pump back into service.

5) One of the things we have been working on for a while is the lack of a battery backup for the core climate system and the problems it has been causing. Without the backup we have a significant time lose and sometimes equipment failure before getting the system reset after each power outage even if it is just a quick bump. As you probably now know from your budget work we have an estimate of under $500 for the battery system and installation. I got the materials and installed the stand for the Core Climate battery backup system in the Pre-treatment building so it is ready.

6) We also got a $1,700 plus estimate for a calibration kit for the pump station gas sensors to keep them operating properly now and in the future. I hope we can get that in the budget as soon as possible so we can get the methane sensor calibrated.

7) The c3 man hole on St. Regis Ave. concrete walls are very broken and the upper ring has a big piece broken out of it so storm water has been running in and eroding the area in front of it away with the pavement starting to break up. I built a metal blocking plate and held it in place by 2 x 4’s and packed concrete into the washed out opening. I will try and patch up the rest of the breaks with hydraulic cement before the weather gets bad.

8) What we do need right away is a container of polymer so we can meet our SPDES permit phosphorus and BOD5 levels during the fast approaching fall turnover time. I got a discounted single container price of $589.44 (which is equal to the multi-container price) for doing our testing to make sure it works well for our system. We need to order it now or we most likely will not stay under our limits next month.


The payment abstracts for September were presented for the Board’s approval as follows: General Vouchers #262 - #275 in the amount of $5,833.84, Trust and Agency Voucher - there were none, Highway Vouchers #198 - #217 in the amount of $9,570.19, Highway Outside Vouchers #8 - #9 in the amount of $19,964.68, Water and Sewer Vouchers #141 - #151 in the amount of $9,129.28, Sewer Project Vouchers #12 - #13 in the amount of $11,571.37 and CDBG Housing Project Voucher - there were none.

Councilperson Jennifer Fuller made the motion to approve payment of this month’s bills; the motion was seconded by Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates. A Role Call Vote was as follows:

Supervisor Charles Whitson, Jr AYE
Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates AYE
Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
Councilperson Jennifer Fuller AYE
Councilperson Dean Montroy AYE

All approved. Motion carried.


Supervisor Whitson presented the Board the Supervisor’s Monthly Report for September, 2017 to the Board. Councilperson Donald Amell made the Motion to accept the Supervisor’s Monthly Reports. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Dean Montroy. All in favor. Motion carried.


Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates made the Motion to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of September 19th, 2017. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller. All in favor. Motion carried.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the following report for the month of September 2017:

Spayed/Neutered Dog Licenses: 4 for a total of $28.00
Unspayed/Unneutered Dog Licenses: 0

Total Revenue Earned: $28.00
Paid to Supervisor: $24.00
Paid to NYS Agriculture & Markets: $4.00


Water & Sewer Clerk Barbara Darrah reported the Water & Sewer Receivables Report of 93,445.09 due for all accounts. Current Billing: $63,900.47, Over 30 days: $15,562.88, Over 60 days: $6704.35, and Over 90 days: $7277.39. The final water and sewer billing quarter ended on September 30, 2017. Bills were mailed on October 5th with a notice that all balances are due by Friday, November 10th, 2017. Any balances remaining will be added to the 2018 property tax levy which is due to Essex County by November 17, 2017.


Councilperson Dean Montroy asked if any other customers were going to be selected for water disconnection due to a high balance. It was explained because of the relevy, all accounts will be brought to zero and there would be no point in disconnecting water service at this time. The next reading will be in January 2018. Councilperson Montroy stated he would like to see provisions for enforcing the lock cap in the Water and Sewer Regulations. He continued to say there needs to be a policy for this procedure in writing.

Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates asked if it was accepted practice for the Highway employees to use the Town Garage after hours. He stated he would like to see a written policy in regards to employees entering and using the Town Garage after hours not be allowed, referring to equipment misuse and injury.

Councilperson Montroy suggested that perhaps work sessions could be scheduled for the purpose of reviewing content of current policies for updating, as well as developing new policies that are possibly needed.

Councilperson Montroy inquired into how Monroe Gladd’s property was moving along. He wanted to ensure it isn’t forgotten when the Code Enforcement Officer leaves. The Board addressed the upcoming vacancy for the CEO and Supervisor Whitson reported we did not receive any applications from the job advertisement. Supervisor Whitson stated he will touch base with a resident he was told about for the position.


Guest Devin James asked if there were any regulations on solar panel placement in the town. He stated that where some residents locate their large solar panels may be a hindrance to their neighbor’s view and he wondered if there were regulations. Supervisor Whitson stated there are no regulations at this time.


Supervisor Whitson asked those present if there were any other questions or concerns. Guest Sandy Hayes reported he had a list of items:

Mr. Hayes commented on the cemetery work, specifically the walls. He said it appeared that possibly more work was done than anticipated. He thought the allotted budget allowed for two walls to be repaired, but it looks like six walls were done. Supervisor Whitson explained that Cy Ellsworth had done all of the work to include the labor, cement and cement blocks, and completed the project all under budget.

Mr. Hayes then asked if CEO Robert Hammond has a final date for leaving. Supervisor Whitson stated Robert wanted to be done by the second week of December. Mr. Hayes stated he knew a realtor from Gabriels who has all the credentials for CEO.

Mr. Hayes inquired in the absence of Roger Oliver, does Douglas Snickles become Superintendent of Highways after the first of the year? Is he appointed as Deputy Highway Superintendent until January 1st? And if so, is he receiving a stipend as Deputy? Supervisor Whitson replied that he receives the Deputy Supervisor pay that he receives all year for being the Deputy Supervisor. With Douglas serving as Deputy Supervisor, a vacancy is created in the highway department. The current vacancy was discussed amongst those present and Supervisor Whitson stated a town resident did come in to speak with him this afternoon. Supervisor Whitson explained the Highway Superintendent does not need the Board’s approval in hiring anyone for the Highway Department. The newspaper ad will be submitted to the newspaper tomorrow.

Supervisor Whitson asked if there was anything further. There was not.


Supervisor Whitson requested the Board move into Executive Session. Guests and the Town Clerk left the Board room. Executive Session began at 7:45 pm and ended at 8:03 pm. The Town Clerk was then called back into the Board Room.


Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates made the Motion to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Donald Amell. The Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

I , Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Board Meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

Dated: October 10, 2017 Barbara J. Darrah St. Armand Town Clerk

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