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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

Regular Board Meeting – 6:30 pm
Tuesday, October 13, 2020

These Meeting Minutes were approved by the St. Armand Town Board on November 10, 2020.

A Regular Board Meeting of the Town of St. Armand was held on the above date and times at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY.


Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates, Councilperson Donald Amell, and Councilperson Jennifer Fuller. A quorum of the Board was in attendance


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah.


Town Supervisor Davina Winemiller, was excused due to an emergency in her family. Councilperson Karl Law was excused due to his wife giving birth in the hospital. All department Superintendents and the Code Enforcement Officer Derrick Martineau were excused due to COVID regulations and Town Hall spacing limitations.


Jay Federman, Vice President of Friends of Moody Pond, Derrick Martineau and Frank Whitelaw, Town Hall 2nd Floor Renovations Task Force, and Thomas Burman, from the community.

Notice was posted regarding the date and times of the Public Hearings and Regular Board Meeting

Deputy Superintendent Bates called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm and asked all to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Deputy Supervisor Bates invited Jay Federman, Vice President of Friends of Moody Pond to give his presentation:

Jay Federman: I would like to thank the Board for this opportunity. In 2018, a Milfoil problem started in Moody Pond. The problem was officially assessed last year when it was determined approximately 14% of the Pond was involved with Milfoil and it has increased significantly. Friends of Moody Pond is a group that was formed last fall. It is an unincorporated association under the auspice of the Rotary Foundation of Saranac Lake. Our goal is to get rid of the milfoil and eventually address other issues that may involve the health of the pond. I'm sure all of you know the Pond is a huge resource for the community and this has become more apparent during the COVID pandemic when the number of people around the pond has increased dramatically: walking, biking, dog walking, strollers, etc. We had numerous consultants address the group including Dan Kelting, from AWI, APEC Adirondack Invasive Plant program and Kurt Stager, a biology professor from North County. We contacted several groups regarding the most effective way to remove it and the consensus is hand harvesting would be the most effective way. It is expensive. We have contacted several dive teams that have been used extensively in the area and it costs about $7,500 per week for a two or three-person dive team. We predict it will cost about $75,000 over a three-year period. That is our goal. Unfortunately, we didn't get started quite early enough to do any harvesting this year, other than surface harvesting, which the neighbors are doing. But, in terms of pulling up the milfoil plants up by the roots, it was too late. We have been quite successful and have raised about $25,000. We have about $20,000 in the bank after our expenses. We are in gear to hire dive teams to start as early in the Spring as we can. Getting a jump on things is helpful, both because the milfoil is one of the first plants to come up and when it's small, the volume is less, and it is removed more efficiently. We applied for grants and we are asking the Towns if they would contribute, as well as the Village to help us keep going. Our goal is $75,000. So, if possible, we are requesting $5,000 from the Town over a three-year period. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Bates: Is the Town of North Elba giving you anything? Federman: I made a presentation at their meeting last month. They have not gotten back to us yet.

Bates: So, you are asking for $5,000 over a three-year period, not $5,000 every year for three years?

Federman: Correct. $5,000 over three years. And, we will continue to fund raise and apply for additional grants. We applied to the Champlain Basin Association last year and we will apply to them again. And, the Cloud Splitter Twitter, and the State. There may be money there.

Jennifer Fuller: Did you have a question, Tom? (to Thomas Burman).

Thomas Burman: I have a question. If there is overage, the question is what are you going to do with the excess?

Federman: It is an on-going issue of monitoring the pond. Once we get rid of the milfoil, there are more issues in terms of nutrients of the pond, salt, and other issues that affect the health of the Pond. I'm sure over time we are going to need more than $75,000.

Burman: So this is not a one-time organization. Your organization is going to stay in place and you have intentions of maintaining the health of the Pond?

Federman: Correct.

Burman: So, you are in the process of setting up the constitution by-laws, etc.

Federman: We have all that and I would be happy to share that. We communicate closely with Rotary and we run all the finances through the Rotary, so we have no payroll expenses.

Burman: Is there a chain that feeds Moody Pond?

Federman: It mostly comes from Baker. We are not certain how the milfoil got in the Pond, but apparently more boats than I was aware of, use the pond.

Bates: We are in the middle of our budget workshops right now, and our Town Supervisor had to be away due to a family emergency, so we will need to approach this when she is available and we will get back to you.

Jernnifer Fuller: I agree.

Federman: Thank you very much.

Deputy Supervisor invited Frank Whitelaw and Derrick Martineau to speak on the Town Hall 2nd Floor Renovations.

Frank Whitelaw: For the record, I am Frank Whitelaw, the sole candidate for Town Justice. Derrick and I have been assigned to the task force of renovations on the 2nd floor. Frank explained he supports the plans for perw seating, because having individual seats as we do now in the court, someone will get an idea to pick up a chair and harm someone. I am in support of moving upstairs, because it would be more secure than it is as it is now.

The Court entrance would be via the back stairway. The double doors toward the front of the building will be a one-way only exit going down the front stairs. Anyone would have quick egress if necessary. The seating and the prosecution table and defense table would be set back from the bench. We talked about only doing cosmetic renovations to the front stairs. All that needs to be done is the upstairs, with insulation, lighting, heat, etc. That will save us a lot of money right there. With Derrick Martineau where he is right now, and I get called in to meet troopers and defendants, while others are in session, IE, Town Board meetings, Code Enforcement Officer work, it would be better to have everything upstairs.

Derrick Martineau: I agree with Frank on the issues presented with Court. Davina has done a great job on her research and I have done pricing on the renovations. Even the Tax Collector could have more room added to her area, if that egress hallway could be removed. I think the heat idea Davina came up with will work very well, too. With spray foam insulation and individual heat in each area, the heating costs will be more efficient because we can turn the heat off when we are done working in the office.

Bates: The double doors will be able to be open from this side?

Whitelaw: Yes. Town staff or whoever works here, will be able to access that stairway with a key.

Bates: I know how it gets down here in the summer, I kind of think it will be really hot up there.

Martineau: Again, with that spray foam will help in cutting down the heat that might come in.

The Board thanked Frank and Derrick for their presentation.

Deputy Supervisor Bates invited Thomas Burman to speak.

Thomas Burman: I don't necessarily represent any one group, but I am somewhat involved in politics and the GOP is looking for a place to hold a Republican rally. I wanted to request the Ball Field for this purpose, as a facility that will allow the political process to take place. These tu[pes of things these days, with Elise Stefanic's schedule it is hard to predict the use of the facility and to bring along Dan Stec and Matt Simpson. There is no room inside that is big enough to hold a large crown due to COVID, and that is why we are looking at the Ball Field. So, it would be for this Saturday, (October 17th) around 11:30 am. Until whenever it takes. That is my request.

Jennifer Fuller: Was that recent? Because I saw a couple of hours ago that it was going to be held at Riverside Park in Saranac Lake. This was like an hour ago, that I saw it.

Burman: That may be. I heard both. I just said I would check the availability of the ball field.

Burman: I guess it would be good reference for the future.

Don Amell: When is Davina going to be back here, Barb?

Barbara Darrah: She is coming home on Friday.

Don Amell: Is this something that should be approved by her?

Bates: Yes. There is an insurance requirement, I believe.

Burman: This is not a sports team.

Bates: But, it is a public gathering.

Burman: I guess the point is if there are no objections to the request, it would be good to know what is required. Apparently, the request is not as urgent as I thought it was. But still, I think we should answer that question.

At this point, I guess I am posing the question.

Bates: So, we will table it?

Burman: Well, table the request for the date, but don't table the question.

Barbara Darrah: I'm not sure, because I don't post the items on the website, but that information might be on our Town Website:

Burman: With all due respect to the website, I would rather not deal with the website. I will wait to see what the answer is in person.

Tom thanked the Board and departed.


Highway Superintendent Douglas Snickles submitted the following written report to the Board:

Town of St. Armand Highway Report for the October 13, 2020 Meeting

    1) We re-mowed everything one last time.
    2) We did a little more patching.
    3) We are in the process of cleaning up the back yard and disposed of a load of scrap metal.
    4) We put a new chain and spinner on the one-ton sander.
    5) We helped Harrietstown and Santa Clara with shouldering the roads they paved.
    6) We worked on hauling sand for one week and our winter sand is stocked up.
    7) We helped the County on River Road for one week, pulling shoulders and now we are ditching for them.
    8) We have the material coming for the new platforms for the Transfer Station.


Water Assistant Cory Skiff submitted the following written report to the Board:

Town of St. Armand Water Report (September) for the October 13, 2020 Meeting

9/04/20 - Replaced sensor at stand pipe. Still waiting to hear from Arvid Abrams about replacing the resistor.

9/18/20 - Talked with Kevin Woodruff about replacing the dry hydrant next to the pump house.

Kevin and I both agreed that this would be a huge benefit to the Town and the Fire Department. This way they would be able to pull water from Sumner Brook during a large fire, rather than using treated water from a hydrant. We are planning on working on that next month.

9/18/20 – Talked with Bill Bailey about installing his water tap and curb stop on the River Road. That is scheduled for 10/2/20.

9/28/20 – Talked with Mike Simpson about replacing his curb stop. We tried flushing the pipe out with a pressure washer and still could not turn the curb stop off. Snickles Plumbing and Heating is coming on 10/2/20 to replace the curb stop. We will be shutting the water off on Oregon Plains Road that day so they can perform the repair.


Code Enforcement Officer Derrick Martineau submitted the following report to the Board.

Code Enforcement Officer Report for October 13, 2020 Meeting

    1. Returned 8 phone calls, 5 emails
    2. 2 new permits issued
    3. Inspections on ongoing open permits. And still checking sites for compliance with Covid laws to The best of my ability.
    4. Gladd property has a court date October 20th, 2020


Wastewater Superintendent Stanley Ingison submitted the following written report to the Board

Town of St. Armand Wastewater Department Summary of last month's activities for the October 2020 meeting

    1) Did daily collections, testing and recorded data.
    2) Did daily checks of all systems at the PTB and WWTP and recorded the data.
    3) Wrote up the DEC monthly operating report and the discharge monitoring report and submitted them digitally.
    4) Did weekly generator checks.
    5) Did weekly greasing of the paddle wheel drive and clarifier drives.
    6) Did weekly grit removal from the classifier drive outfall and unloaded it into the transfer station trash dumpster.
    7) I did the weekly flexing of all the aeration diffusers.
    8) Removed (with Max of AES) the last 3 flow meters from the man holes that were put in for the I & I plan work. As pay back for my help, Max helped be with the search for sand, stone and water inflow locations. We found 3 more very major ones which I am working on getting sealed up as quickly as possible.
    9) I worked on sealing the riser section of man hole C5 with hydraulic cement with Chris spotting me. Then with Doug and Robert spotting me I cleaned root growth out of a lateral opening that had not been sealed during construction and then cemented it closed. I am waiting for man hole inserts to be delivered for MH C5, MH 5 and MH D4 to stop inflow going by the covers of those Man Holes. We have between 50 and 60 other Man Hole covers that have smaller amounts of inflow, including sand and stone, that need sealing also.
    10) Todd and I started work on asset management items set up by Davina on Friday afternoons but so far we only got one meeting in.
    11) I did get the #2 lagoon effluent box which had the insulation and enclosure upgraded last year sealed with Grace Ice and Water shield and painted with roofing paint this fall.
    12) Hulbert's did find a thermostat that was listed as good for up to 15 amps of power but, the one that arrived was only listed at 9.8 amps. I will look again for the 15 amps but I am also waiting to hear if Todd thinks that one might work or not.
    13) The Pre-treatment building fire system false alarmed a fire to the fire department and I didn't get an alarm from the SCADA system. It turned out to be from a dirty sensor in the attic (which we would not even have had access to the attic of either building if it wasn't for me making the contractor provide it). We are waiting for Aqualogics to come and finish the wiring to the SCADA system.
    14) I did get all the safety catch connector's, in both of the wet wells, re-positioned into usable locations this past month and will soon update the comprehensive Improvement and Repair Program book.
    15) Two of the three solar panel array boards stopped working so I got Kevin Cogan to look into it but he has not gotten them back in service yet.
    16) The State St. (Oregon Planes Road) lateral from GA GA's and Man Hole 15 were badly backed up and after getting the man hole opened up enough to work I set up with the highway department to flush it out with the water truck.
    17) I finished installing both extended valve keys with center supports in the clarifier wet well, with Chris spotting me, so that we don't have to do confined space entry any longer just to use the valves, which is necessary each year.
    18) I continue to work on the St. Armand Wastewater Department Comprehensive Improvement and Repair Program.



Councilperson Donald Amell, who moved its adoption, offered the following Resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED, by the Town of St. Armand Town Board of the Town of St. Armand that Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Local Government Records (LGS-1) 2020, issued pursuant to Article 57-1 of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Law, and containing legal minimum retention periods for local government records, is hereby adopted for use by all officers in legally disposing of valueless records listed therein, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that in accordance with Article 57-A:
a) only those records will be disposed of that are described in Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Local Government Records (LGS-1), after they have met the minimum retention periods described therein;
b) only those records will be disposed of that do not have sufficient administrative, fiscal, legal, or historical value to merit retention beyond established legal minimum periods.

Dated: October 13, 2020. The Resolution was seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, and approved by Roll Call Vote as follows:

Supervisor Davina Winemiller ABSENT
Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates AYE
Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
Councilperson Jennifer Fuller AYE
Councilperson Karl Law ABSENT


Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, who moved its adoption, offered the following Resolution:

WHEREAS, the Town of St. Armand has adopted the most current Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Local Government Records (LGS-1) 2020 issued pursuant to Article 57-1 of the Arts Cultural Affairs Law, and containing legal minimum retention periods for local government records, and
WHEREAS, the Town of St. Armand was the recipient of a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) grant through the New York State Archives Arts and Cultural Affaris Law and recently underwent a thorough records review from August 24 through October 1st, 2020, using the LGS-1 Schedule, and
WHEREAS, through this review, records have been identified for Disposition in accordance with the MU-1 Sections as follows:

1.45, 3.152c, 1.263, 2.264, 1.51, 1.275, 1.245, 17.282 1990-2014
1.345a 1975-1964
13.357, 17.361, 1.5999, 1.283, 1.256a,b 1975-2014
10:b,c, 8:b, 6.6, 16.360, 3.366, 5.15 1990-2014
2.594a Circa 1980-2014
2.594b Circa 1980-2007
1.595a, 1.581b, 13.13 1980-2014

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Town of St. Armand Town Board authorizes disposition of the records listed above by the Records Management Officer in a timely manner.

Dated: October 13, 2020. The Resolution was seconded by Councilperson Donald Amell, and approved by Roll Call Vote as follows:

Supervisor Davina Winemiller ABSENT
Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates AYE
Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
Councilperson Jennifer Fuller AYE
Councilperson Karl Law ABSENT

All in favor. Motion carried.


** Resolution # 58 was tabled by the Board until Supervisor Winemiller could be present for discussion.**


The payment vouchers for October 2020 were presented for the Board's approval as follows:
General Vouchers # 303 - # 332 in the amount of $ 16,911.11
Trust and Agency Fund Vouchers # 64 - # 69 in the amount of $ 1,297.70
Highway Vouchers # 154 - # 171 in the amount of $ 6,805.06
Highway Outside Voucher # 3 in the amount of $ 954.89
Water and Sewer Vouchers # 137 - # 152 in the amount of $ 15,861.82
B Fund Vouchers # 7 - # 8 in the amount of $ 13.13
I&I Fund Voucher # 8 in the amount of $ 1,170.00
Rockledge Water District Vouchers – None

Councilperson Donald Amell made the Motion to approve payment of this month's bills. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller. A Roll Call Vote was as follows:

Supervisor Davina Winemiller ABSENT
Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates AYE
Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
Councilperson Jennifer Fuller AYE
Councilperson Karl Law ABSENT

October 13, 2020. All in favor. Motion carried.


The Supervisor's Monthly Report for September 2020 was presented to the Board. Councilperson Jennifer Fuller made the Motion to approve the Monthly Supervisor's Report. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Donald Amell. All in favor. Motion carried.


Councilperson Donald Amell made the Motion to approve the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of September 15, 2020. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller. All in favor. Motion carried.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the following report for the month of September 2020:

    There were (8) Dog Licenses for September 2020: (4) Spayed Female, (4) Male Neutered $56.00
    There were (6) Certified Death Certificates (Johnson) $60.00
    There was (1) Cemetery Lot sold $150.00
    There were (2) Marriage Licenses $80.00
    Total Revenue Earned $346.00

Paid to Town Supervisor: $ 293.00 Paid to NYS Agriculture & Markets: $ 8.00 Paid to NYS Department of Health: $ 45.00


The Water and Sewer Receivables as of October 13, 2020 is $ 103,281.22. This balance includes the 4th quarter meter readings and billing amount of $82,031.12. 4th quarter Water and Sewer bills are dated October 12, mailed out on October 13, due to Columbus Day holiday, and have a due date of November 12, 2020


Atlantic Underwater Update: Deputy Supervisor Bates reported the work on the water tank is expected to be done on October 15th.

Lagree Property: Board tabled Resolution # 59 until Supervisor Winemiller was present.

Utility Shut-off Moratorium: A handout of the Utility Shut-off Moratorium was distributed to the Board for discussion. The Town's Water and Sewer Utility has remained compliant with all governor's executive orders throughout the year in that no water was turned off due to non-payment and no late fees were applied to delinquent accounts. Any unpaid balances are referred to Essex County in November for re-levy onto the property tax bill that comes out in January 2021, can make monthly payments on the property tax bill through April 2020.


An estimate for the electrical wiring of the Highway Garage Electric Range Outlet was distributed to Board members. The Board approved the estimate for the work to be completed.


Supervisor Bates asked if there were any questions or concerns from guests or staff?

Donna Bramer: I see there is a voucher for the I&I Study for $1,170.00 …we don't have the rest of the money from the grant in that fund for that, we have $49.00 in there currently. So, I need approval from the Board to allow me to move money into the I&I account. The Board approved for Donna to move $1,200.00 into the I&I expenditure account.

Donald Amell: Our next get-together is on October 21st at 6:30. And, then November 5th is the Public Hearing on the Budget and Water and Sewer rates at 6:00 pm, and then the November 10th, is the Regular Board Meeting.

Bates: I have something to bring up as a guest. I am bringing it up as a guest because I do want it documented in the minutes. Let me go back two years ago when Hex and Hop came to the Board in regard to opening the brewery. Not that it would have made a difference, but I don't believe we were made privy to all of the information. Nothing was ever brought up about outside music. Be that as it may, I'm sure the Board being as generous as we are, would have definitely okayed it anyway. Going forward, they had their outside music last year, and I went over and talked to Nick, one of the owners. Ethan was there, as well, and they agreed they would try to do some things. They did try some things, but the ideas did not work. Nick came over one day and apologized for having the music outside. He came over two weekends later and asked how it was because they tried having the music inside, and you couldn't hear it. Then they had the music outside again, and Nick came over and apologized for having the music outside, again. Year two. The music is outside. It is moved. It's not any better. I spoke to Ethan. He said they want to make it right, and he was going to install speakers that plugged into his and he could control the volume so it wouldn't be too loud. It's worth a try. I don't believe he was up front about it, because this year was worse than last year. Has anyone encountered that?

Donna Bramer: I went by on Sunday, and it was beyond packed. They were out onto the road, they were spilled over into the Water department.

Bates: I know we as a Town gave them permission to park at the Water department, but we put up signs where they are not to park. And again, you cannot blame Hex and Hop for where their customers park, but it is an issue. They parked all the way up Mill Street and if an emergency vehicle needed to get by, they would never make it. It was Sunday, and usually it's not on Sunday. It actually has gotten worse. I was going to ask Derrick where he is checking for COVID because there is no way they are COVID compliant.

Darrah: I was here on Sunday at 5:00 pm, and the music was loud and I looked down the street and could not believe the cars.

Bates: It's becoming an issues. We have tried everything we can. We can't open the windows at night, to cool off in the summer if you want. The only good graces that I think is saving them right now, I think we are the only close resident. Everything else is commercial. I don't know how the people in back of them are dealing with it. I am just having a hard time putting in the back of my head that the music has to be played that loud being 6 feet from it. Friday night, Saturday night, and now Sunday. I really want them to make it. It was great to see something open up after the store. I can understand music for an event, music for a wedding, but this is Friday, Saturday and now Sunday.

Amell: I think social distancing is still in order.

Bates: There is social distancing and there is also occupancy. So, if the occupancy is 30, then the maximum allowed would ½ of your occupany. So, that would be 15.

Fuller: And the parking is an issue, too, if that continues.

Bates: It makes it very difficult to get in and out of the driveway. Last year they had that trailer to collect the run-off. I don't know where that trailer is now. Maybe we should have Stan go over regarding the waste.

Bramer: Is there a noise ordinance in St. Armand?

Darrah: The only ordinance we have is a “Nuisance” law, and noise is not specifically addressed.

Amell: Derrick is Code Enforcement and maybe we should talk to Davina and Karl about that.

Bates: I am not looking to get anyone in trouble, or anything like that, but we can't go on suffering with the noise. You (to Don Amell) should have popped your window open Friday night…. you would have heard them.


Councilperson Jennifer Fuller made a Motion to Adjourn the Regular Board Meeting. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Donald Amell and the Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.

I, Barbara J. Darrah, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Board Meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

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