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Town of St Armand's Board Meetings

Budget Work Session
Wednesday, October 24, 2018
6:30 pm

These Minutes were approved on December 11, 2018.

A Budget Work Session of the Town of St. Armand was held on the above date and time at the town hall.


Town Supervisor Dean Montroy, Deputy Supervisor Jennifer Fuller, Councilperson D. Joseph Bates, Councilperson Donald Amell, and Councilperson Samuel Grimone.
A quorum of the Board was in attendance.


Town Accountant Tina Moody, Town Clerk Barbara Darrah, Town Historian Davina Winemiller and Wastewater Superintendent Stanley Ingison.


Karl Law, from the community.

Notice was posted regarding this meeting in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Bloomingdale Post Office, Bloomindale Fire Department marquis, and the Town Board's outdoor bulletin board.

Supervisor Montroy opened the meeting for the Budget Work Session with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Tina Moody went over the changes from last week’s. Changes to Doug Snickles salary were made on A5010.1 on page 3. The other part that was changed was Water and Sewer. Sewer was changed the salary amount as discussed at last week’s meeting. The salaries amount in Water and Sewer changed to $47,441 in SS8130.1. The only other change in that account will be to Barbara’s salary when that is determined. Tina asked if now was a good time to talk about Barbara’s request. Tina stated that will change the Water and Sewer numbers a little bit, depending on what is decided.

Dean Montroy invited Barbara to speak. Barbara stated she hoped the Board received the email she sent last Friday (10/19) with her extra hours and brief description of some of the extra projects involved that were spoken of at last week’s meeting. She reported she also called Essex County this morning for a list of the Town Clerks in Essex County and their salaries and the population of their towns similar to St. Armand’s. In Schroon, population 1654, the salary is $32,438.00. The hours are Monday-Friday, 8-2. In Westport, population 1312, the salary is $26,141.96, and the position is full time. The Town Clerk is the Tax Collector and W&S Collector. When I asked who did the Water and Sewer billing, it is the Clerk to the Supervisor who is also full time. In Wilmington, the Town Clerk salary is $22,762.00. It is a part-time position, 8:00 – 12:00, no benefits. The position included Tax Collector and Water and Sewer Collector. The Water and Sewer billing is done by the Clerk to the Supervisor, who is full time. Willsboro’s Town Clerk is full time, with health insurance and retirement. The salary is $41,000. The position includes Tax Collector and Water and Sewer Collector. The Town Clerk there also has a deputy Town Clerk which is also a full time position. I asked who does the Water and Sewer billing and it is the Clerk to the Supervisor who is also full time. Keene, population is 1105. There are no benefits because she has them through her husband. The hours are Tues, Thurs and Friday, 10-2 and the salary is $25,027. The position is also the Tax Collector, which she does from home. The Water and Sewer Billing is appointed by the Supervisor each year, and currently it is assigned to the Clerk to the Supervisor. Barbara stated she feels it enforces what she was trying to explain about the Town Clerk and Water and Sewer Clerk’s positions and hours and salaries involved. At the bottom of the sheet Barbara submitted to the Board, she put down what a 5% raise would be, what and 8% raise would be and what 10% would be. Barbara stated she was at a loss as to what the Board’s expectations are and what hers are. Obviously, the hours she put in did increase and she did $5,192 worth in extra hours this year. She would like to say she would request a 10% raise and 1/2 stipend again.

Samuel Grimone stated he did not want to take an active role in this and he explained why. He feels this did reinforce what he thinks needs to be done. He feels everyone agrees this has to be done. He suggests that we consider a stipend this year, because he envisions a whole different scenario of job descriptions. Joe Bates, stated to Barbara, first off and most importantly don’t ever think you are not appreciated. I cannot speak for everyone, but you are appreciated by the Town Board and you are appreciated by the community. Bottom line is it is a community service. That being said, he feels Sam is exactly right. This whole procedure that we are going through right now has to change. The way he envisions it, is that any increases when it comes time to the budget should be preceded by appraisals and an agreement by the Town Supervisor. The Supervisor knows what’s going on, he sees you every day and knows what you’re doing. He has to be the one to make that call and then he can bring it to the Board. If it needs to be an Executive Session, so be it. It puts everybody on the same playing field.

D. Joseph Bates stated he thought we were doing 10% for Barbara. Tina stated no, we took all the Town Clerk and the Water and Sewer salaries and what that total amount she is currently making, added 5% and split it between water and sewer. It was not 10%. Samuel Grimone continued to say that he could envision big changes in this and if you give a raise of that magnitude and then you change the job description, you bring in another person, then you’re going to have to go through the process of reevaluating and turning back, readjusting the salaries to what each job does.

Tina Moody stated she would like to bring up what she brought up last year when we were talking about stipends. She feels because it is earned within this year that is when it should be given so it would not affect the next year budget. Samuel Grimone argued you really shouldn’t give money from the budget that wasn’t budgeted. The Board agreed. Tina stated there is a savings account. Samuel Grimone stated he was against that and the Board agreed.

Tina continued that you are mixing when the earnings are actually happening and that should not be happening. Samuel Grimone asked what is a merit, when someone gets a merit award, isn’t that for what was done previously? Tina replied it is usually within the time that is said that it is going to happen, within that calendar year. Tina added that is true with any organization. D. Joseph Bates stated that is not true that it does not hold true with every organization.

Donald Amell stated his impression last year was that the stipends were to compensate for the extra time put in, particularly for the audit. Barbara replied with that being said, the total stipend last year was $3,602.00 in extra hours and I proposed half. The Board did not propose half, Barbara did. Samuel Grimone asked what is the importance of that? Barbara replied the importance is that I took less than what I actually earned.

Davina Winemiller asked permission to speak. Davina stated she saw the sheet Barb submitted to the Board with her hours, which totaled 309.75 hours in addition to her regular pay. Personally, Davina stated that if she worked an extra 309 hours, that’s approximately 12 work weeks worth of pay, I would be upset that I was working 12 weeks for free without being reimbursed.

Dean asked Barbara with coming up with these hours, what was her new proposal, what is the bottom line she would want? Barbara answered that if the Board was talking stipend then she would request a stipend in the full amount of $5,192.95 and she still did not agree with the fact that she did not deserve a raise. She would still be looking for an 8% raise. And she reminded the Board that the Town Clerk is an elected position, so if you restructure positions next year, the Town Clerk still has to stay for the term. Samuel Grimone replied every position that is restructured would have to stay. Barbara replied not necessarily, with the Water and Sewer aspect. Samuel Grimone asked: We could do without the Water and Sewer position? Barbara replied: No, we could not do without it, but it would belong to someone else. Samuel Grimone stated we are not talking about personalities, we are talking about positions. Barbara explained that the Water and Sewer Clerk is almost a full time position so if you still have the Town Clerk who is supposed to be here a certain amount of time daily or whatever the Board determines what the schedule is, then another person would have to be hired for the Water and Sewer position. The Board agreed the position would have to be filled.

Donald Amell asked Barbara if the 8% was on Town Clerk and Water and Sewer Clerk, to remember we have two positions, so what did she expect for Town Clerk? Barbara stated she expected 5% for Town Clerk and 8% for Water and Sewer. D. Joseph Bates and Donald Amell clarified that in addition, she wanted $5,192 for a stipend. Dean Montroy asked if that would get Barbara close to what the other Town Clerks were earning? D. Joseph Bates stated he didn’t think we could compare what the other town clerks were earning because we don’t know what the other Town Clerks do and how their towns function. Barbara stated that it is safe to say one thing that is pretty cut and dry; is that none of the Town Clerks do the Water and Sewer billing, whether part time or full time, only collecting.

Donald Amell stated in summary, the actions we gavel on is that the original budget, the numbers going in: Sam’s proposal that elected officials not take a raise, the Supervisor agreed to it, the Board agreed amongst themselves, Tina wanted 5%, Barbara stated hers, Donna was good with 3%, Doug was 5%, Stan was 5% and anybody else he guesses was good with 3%. There is the decision. Which of those options we go with for Barbara? Dean Montroy stated he didn’t have any problems with what Barbara is asking for. If we agree to the stipend when we take it out, next year or this year and when we give it to her, if we agree to do that.

Donald Amell: The only other thing he believes is still up in the air is Dean’s discussion with the Comptroller and the Tax Cap. We resolved going into this, that we were going to in effect adopt to raise it. I don’t see a reason to raise up the Tax Cap when we have an opportunity to give some tax relief to recipients. So, regardless of what impact the final taxable budget becomes I don’t know that I agree that it makes sense to raise it up just for the sake of worrying about the tax cap position. I’d like to see the recipients see some relief on the tax.

Tina Moody stated the only part of this that’s going to affect that Tax Cap is the 5% for the Town Clerk position, the Water and Sewer doesn’t affect the tax cap. We are still about $60,000 under the cap. Joe Bates asked where is that stipend going to come out of? Tina replied that would be another thing the Board needs to decide: Is it being between the three positions that she is covering, what is the amount, there are questions how you proceed with it if that is what is decided.

Sam Grimone answered the stipend has to come out of the Water and Sewer part of it. And that is the reason to him that it not come out of this year’s budget. It should come out of next year’s budget. Donald asked when it could be paid next year? Tina replied it would be taken out of the first pay period in 2019. If that is the Board decides, it should still be split between water and sewer.

Don Amell asked if they should go into Executive Session to make a final decision. Dean responded that it didn’t need to, he spoke with another and salaries are public information.

Joe Bates stated he had to say Barbara is very much appreciated no matter what the outcome is. And you are probably not going to agree with whatever the outcome is. And that goes for all of you, you are all very much appreciated. He is having a very hard time wrapping his head around 5%, 8% and the stipend of $5192.95. It doesn’t mean you are appreciated any less; that is a lot of money. Dean Montroy pointed out the stipend is based on her past hours. To him it is just what she worked, not any more or any less, it is what she worked. Don: Here is the issue he has with that: they we are re-negotiating last year’s budget. That is what we have been doing for the last ……… Barb asked for clarification from Don. Don: We haven’t talked about next year. We are budgeting for next year. What we are trying to do is make amends for last year when we already had the discussion and agreement on what the 2018 salaries were going to be. So now, effectively you are saying now is, “Now I want more.” That’s really where I am going. Everything you said is absolutely true, every one of you made a case for the work you put in this year.

Tina Moody: But last year at budget time we did say we agreed to the stipends, however it was also talked about that it would be addressed, even though we agreed to what, 2% last year? And, it wasn’t addressed until now, again, at budget time, so…
Dean: You mean the hours and everything?
Tina: Yes, the wage that we are receiving for the jobs.

Don: How do we resolve that? We are effectively saying the same thing that we should have said last year? Evaluating and reassessment of the positions. You gave us a reassessment of your positions. We know nothing about it. We have no idea. The only one that should is Dean. He is the one that is in the building day after day. And yet you presented a budget for 3% across the board.
Tina: That was me. I am the budget officer and I take that on as something I should do. Anytime, I have prepared a budget that has been ……
Don: And you put yourself down for a 3% increase
Sam: In fairness, from our standpoint, you decided on it for him (Dean) and he presented the budget. That is the way the system works.
Tina: Even though I am the Budget Officer, he is the one who is presenting it? I need to understand this. This is only my second year, so I am asking.
Sam: Did you overrule Dean?
Tina: No, we talked about it.
Sam: Now, you handed it out to us.

Discussion ensued regarding the Budget process. Dean stated we are discussing the salaries now and we did discuss Dougie’s and Stan’s last week.

Sam agreed with Don Amell that we are talking about last year. He continued that everybody presented a good case. He stated he is not going to be around to be a part of the readjustment of the past. Sam stated Barbara sure made a great case in comparing to other towns, but certainly the salary from her position for what she does sounds like it is very unfair and certainly the amount of time she works is unfair. To our constituents that is the job. They knew when the job was offered and knew the salary. Sam stated he thinks we need to use the flush lever or get off the toilet.

Barbara: I appreciate your speaking that you appreciate me, but sometimes what I am getting here when you say your constituents; that you have to stick to a certain salary or protocol or whatever and paying last year and paying this year; I guess what I am saying do you really expect me to do this out of the goodness of my heart? 2% last year and as I said I offered to accept ½ of the stipend because I didn’t want to be greedy and especially with all my constituents sitting in the room trying to be fair and ask for a raise as well. I don’t know any other way to put it except this is out of hand. And perhaps you look at my hours and say this is out of hand. What could I possibly do? You have to remember that I am the only one here sometimes. Everyone else is part time and most of them are in the evenings or the weekends, so the person coming in that door is coming in to see me. And phone calls that nobody…if I don’t do it, who is going to do it?

Discussion ensued regarding the stipend and when it would be paid.

Dean Montroy: Then the amount would basically be doubled for 2019, ½ for the stipend and ½ for the additional duties for 2019 until the positions are realigned. Even if the duties are split next year, the money would be put aside.

Don Amell: In general, how do we address this? One option is putting in the budget for independent job evaluations; hiring an independent outside consulting company to come in and look at the process and help us and come back and say we need two people and it has to be separate from the Town Clerk because this one is a full time position. We need to make a solid concrete commitment. Do we budget $5,000 for that exercise?

Dean: That’s what I was saying, just for round figures, Barb is asking for $5,000 for the stipend for this year and we pay her next year. Then, we don’t know how those roles are going to change. But for tonight, for our budget, we need to budget something, so assuming even if her duties are split, those duties are still going to have to be done. So, I would say we need to double that to put in $5,000 also for that extra. Once we get done with this process then we need to go over this. I can look for a consultant to see if there is such a company.

Sam Grimone: That makes sense Dean. Many things are budgeted and you don’t know who it’s going to go to.

Don Amell: I’d like to go back to something Barbara said: in lieu of the stipend you wanted 10% and 10%? Is that what I hear you say? Samuel Grimone stated: You could do that and then when you readjust the positions you could readjust the salary. Dean Montroy: I’m sure these jobs haven’t been defined in a long time and when the state keeps adding stuff continuously over a period of years, it adds up.

Davina Winemiller asked to speak. The 309.75 hours that Barbara has worked, that is only up until now, we still have the remainder of the year. So conceivably, she could not be paid for 350 hours. There is a contingency fund in this budget for additional expenses. Tina do you know at the top of your head what that amount is? Tina explained there was nothing built in for 2018. Davina continued that it’s hard to swallow that she has done so many hours and not been paid for them.

Discussion ensued regarding the stipend, percentages of hours and changes in positions for the 2019 budget. The Board discussed various percentages that would work in compensating the $5,192.00 and incorporate into the Water and Sewer salaries for 2019. Tina stated 5% would be $624.15 for Town Clerk and the balance for the W&S would be $4,569.00. Tina stated the percentage was going to be a lot higher to make up the difference in the Water and Sewer and after her calculations, she determined the percentage to be 53%.

Barbara asked if it would be beneficial to go hourly with the Water and Sewer? Donald Amell stated he did not want to go hourly; that they had tried that before and it did not work out well. Joe Bates pointed out that if we do the 53% on the salary, then you are paying the stipend every year. The Board decided that if the job indeed took those amount of hours then the salary would be based on that percentage.

Sam Grimone: A salaried position assumes a certain amount of work and that is what you get paid for. I would be willing to bet the ranch that Barbara is doing in excess of what the job description either was or is or both. So you face a couple of different issues. I think we need to do what we can for one year and then change it. Joe Bates stated he had to disagree. He does not agree that a salary position is based on a certain amount of hours. Sam Grimone: No, it is the amount of work, the job description. Joe Bates clarified by saying it is based on the job. Sam: Here is what we expect you to do and here is what you are going to be paid. Joe Bates: I concur.

The final figures presented for the Town Clerk and Water and Sewer Clerk positions were 5% increase for Town Clerk and a 53% increase for Water and Sewer Clerk. Barbara stated that in lieu of the stipend, she would feel whole at 53%. The Board agreed and approved the 5% and 53% percentage increases.


Tina stated there were changes to the Water and Sewer rates to give the Board some kind of idea, because the $4500.00 will change the rates, but not a whole lot. Water Usage would go up to $6.50 from $4.25. Water Debt will be $8.00 and was $26.50. It went down because the debt portion went down. Sewer Usage will be $19.00 and it was $8.50. Sewer Debt will be $70.00 and it was $85.00, so it also went down. Tina brought up the vacant lot changes. Tina stated she needs clarification on the notes made at the bottom of the Vacant Lots sheet in order to finalize the figures. There are six vacant lots on Vine St., but they are not on a road. In essence, you cannot build there. Do they have readily accessible water. Those six vacant lots do not have to pay ½. The six on Route 3 and 2 on Matthew Way are on private lots that are connected to the water, the lines do not belong to us, they belong to the Trailer Park. If a trailer moves out, we determined they would have to pay full. But it is the trailer park way. NYS Route 3, they are only charged water and they have a vacant lot next to it that they are currently charged nothing for that. Niederbuhl’s is vacant and it is not connected to the water lines. 1832, 1836, vacant lot (Yagloo), 1840 and 26 Birch Way, but they are charged only water. Stan Ingison stated the sewer line does not go all the way to Birch Way.

Sam Grimone asked Tina why she needed this? Tina stated this issue will affect the rates if there are any more lots that affect revenue.
Sam Grimone: Dean, the way I look at it is this. We have parameters. It either goes by or doesn’t, you are either within x number of feet or you are not. I would encourage you to figure it out and put it on their property. I don’t think we are going to be the ones that are going to be able to tell you. Stan should be able to be very helpful in that. If you miss one and you find out it is wrong then you go back and fix it next year.
Davina: The Paul Smiths property is one parcel. It goes across the street, but our well field is one parcel.
Sam Grimone: Now here’s a question. Does the town pay for water and sewer? Do we on that (well field)?
Barbara: No, nor the pump house or the wastewater treatment plant or the Veteran’s Park.
Barbara: So, did we agree if the water and sewer lines runs by them, we are charging water and sewer?
Dean: As long as they are in the district.
Davina: I’m sorry, was it the full amount you are charging or is it half?
Dean: If it was a vacant lot, it is half, if it is a vacant lot with water and sewer connected to it, then it is full.
Sam Grimone: In other words, if the building had been torn down, but the pipes at one time went to a building, then they pay full. Or someone that just wanted to be connected to advertise it that they have it to try and sell it.
Tina: Are there ones that aren’t vacant that are not hooked up that I need to add into this number or no?
Davina: I think that was my question. So like those two on the end of NYS Rt 3 near Vermontville. Those are houses within the sewer district that have water only and no sewer. They have their own private sewers. So are you going to charge the houses full price or are you going to charge them ½ price?
Dean Montroy: Well, it would be full.
Davina: Even if they are not hooked up?
Dean: Well, no. If the water and sewer is on the property. Are you saying an abandoned house?
Davina: No. No. I’m talking…. .
Sam Grimone: OK, let’s take an example. We have a guy right here (Don Amell)
Don Amell: My house. You are talking about my house.
Sam Grimone: So, he has water, right?
Don Amell: I have water.
Sam Grimone: And, the sewer line does not run by your house, though.
Don Amell: No.
Sam Grimone: But, if it did, that is what she’s talking about. Would you charge him Debt service on sewage? Right?
Davina: ½ or whole?
Joe Bates: Half.
Sam Grimone: No. Well, ok, then I guess that’s a valid question. We never did charge for that, right?
Dean: No. In the beginning, vacant lots, I’m saying when this was adopted in 85, when the village was dissolved, the vacant lots weren’t paying anything and the improved lots (ones with water and sewer) was paying half.
Sam Grimone: Do you know if a vacant lot with water on it, what they were paying?
Dean: Just half.
Sam Grimone: Ok. Just half. So, they pay the same whether….If you have one of them on there, you are paying half.
Dean Montroy: Do you have the maps or do you know if there are any maps (to Davina)?
Tina: Do we have any that will affect my numbers? That what I really want to know. What numbers do I need to work with here?
Barb Darrah: Yes, there are.
Dean: I just wanted to make sure the districts are there, that the districts are defined. The ones we looked at, I don’t know if there are any more maps out there. Like, Barb has been researching all this through the minutes because it seems like every two years these same things keep coming up, but they are never tackled.
Davina: So, for example, just recently, last year or two years ago, the water line extended down River Road all the way to the Wastewater Treatment plant. But, there was never a Resolution creating those in the district.
Sam: That’s the important part. How about the district? Do we have a map of the district?
Davina: In Dean’s office, is the most recent, which I know I have asked AES to update. That map right there (pointing to the bulletin board) represents where the water and sewer lines are. Period. They have nothing to do with the district.
Dean: But the darkened ones are the ones that were coded that way to the County.
Davina: Right. But it’s not right.
Dean: That’s what we were working on, trying to identify the ones that were in the district that were not coded that way.
Sam Grimone: But, that map is not exactly accurate. Because, it says Bloomingdale Water District, right?
Davina: Disregard that. We photocopied that map and utilized it to create the water lines in green and the sewer lines in red just to show you where they were. Period.
Sam Grimone: But it’s not totally accurate.
Davina: No. Not at all. It’s just a representation of where our water lines go and where our sewer lines go. The End.
Sam Grimone: Plus. Plus. Because they don’t go exactly the way that map says, right? Didn’t you put a pin in there and say that was the end?
Davina: That is where the last manhole is. Yes.
Sam: And so the lines go beyond that?
Davina: No. That pin, I’m sorry, I put that pin in there to show where the last manhole was.
Sam: And that’s where the line ends.
Davina: That’s where that line ends.
Sam: And, if you look at the map, the line shows it goes further, so all I know that’s not totally accurate
Davina: Exactly. That one part.
Sam: So, you (Dean) gotta get some other sources, apparently.
Don Amell: (To Tina) Did you get your answer yet?
Tina: No. I’m trying to get my answer.
Dean: But if you’re in the district, then you...
Sam: But that’s what I’m saying that you have to find where the district is. You can’t go by this map.
Dean: No. No. The maps that we have might not even be complete. I’ve asked our county attorney can you give me everything and anything you have on all of our districting that has been done throughout the years. Because when we were doing this, we came across, oh, well there is district one for water, District one, extension one. But it is four different places. It’s up by Donnie’s house, it’s down by the Catholic Church, it’s up past Roosevelt and there’s one person on Maple Street. I know why she (Joyce) did it because it’s easier to do one district than it was to do four separate districts.
Sam: Well I can see that. They are extending the district and you are doing all those directions at once. It makes sense. Instead of calling it five districts you are calling it the district and with the extension. So, Tina you are going to have to plug in a figure that you think is what it’s going to be.
Barbara: When the meeting is over, I will have the accurate count to her.

Dean asked if that was all we had on Water and Sewer? Tina stated, “I think so”.

.GOV DOMAIN: (1:57:38)

Dean: One other thing I think left to talk about was the .gov domain.
Barbara: As we left it the last time, I think it was $400 for the G suite, $10.00 per user and we ended up with 11 users which is $1,320. We were waiting to see what we were paying Rainbow Graphics for the website domain and that was $237.00 per year. The IT person will also be a User, so that makes 12 users.
Sam: What was the total for Rainbow Graphics again? $237.00. I got $1,840. What am I doing wrong Barb?
Barbara: I got $1,440 for the users, $400 for the G suite and $237.00 for the website domain. $2077 is the total.
Sam: I’m not counting Rainbow Graphics because we have to pay them anyway.
Sam: We have not had any real problems have we?
Dean: Just the one, where someone was trying to get Tina to wire money somewhere. But my lawyer also said you shouldn’t be using your own account to do Town business.
Sam: Well, we can get emails free, right?
Don: We can get it through Spectrum, we just don’t use them.
Jen: I thought we decided to hold off on that.
Don: I thought we did too.
Sam: It’s $1,800.00 plus.
Dean: All I got out of it, what Robert told us, is that it is more secure.
Joe: I think that all depends on who is trying to get in.
Sam: It must be more secure than the bank and some of the big corporations
Sam: I doubt that Google is going to protect us more than that.
Dean: I guess we have to make a choice: Do we want to do it or not?
Don: No.
Dean: So we’ll change our emails around with the Spectrum account. And, there’s no difference in charge because Spectrum already offers us that?
Dean: (To Tina) Is that it?
Tina: I believe so. Does anyone have anything else?
Joe: I have to say this has been fun.
Barb: Memorable
Joe: Memorable.
Barb: I would like to say Thank You.
Jen: Thank you.
Sam: Thank you Barb. I’ll go back to saying for the whole thing thank you for bringing the topic up. In my time on the Board it was never brought up. Never. Would you agree to that Don?
Don: I’ll agree to that. Yep.
Dean: So, can I get a motion to adjourn?
Joe: I’ll make that motion.
Jen: I’ll second.
Dean: All in favor?
All: Aye


D. Joseph Bates made a motion to adjourn the work session. Deputy Jennifer Fuller seconded the motion. The Budget Work Session adjourned at 8:34 pm.

I, Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Budget Work Session minute held on the above-referenced date.

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