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Town of St Armands Board Meetings

Regular Board Meeting – 6:30 pm
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

These Meeting Minutes were approved by the St. Armand Town Board on October 13, 2020

A Regular Board Meeting of the Town of St. Armand was held on the above date and time at the Town Hall, Bloomingdale, NY..


Town Supervisor Davina Winemiller, Councilperson Donald Amell, Councilperson Jennifer Fuller, and Councilperson Karl Law. A quorum of the Board was in attendance.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah.


Matt Simpson of the Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages, and Scott Gibson, Sandy Hayes and Warrene McCarthy, all from the community.


Guest Speakers Alden Stevens and Barbara Warren, LGRMIF Records Grant and Community member Warrene McCarthy.

Notice was posted regarding the dates and times of the Regular Board Meeting

Supervisor Winemiller called the Regular Board Meeting to order at 6:30 pm, and asked those present to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Supervisor Winemiller introduced guest speaker Matt Simpson, from the Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages.

Supervisor Winemiller asked Guest Speakers Alden Stevens and Barbara Warren, of the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) Records Grant to the front of the Boardroom. Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk, gave a brief introduction of the work that Alden and Barbara have done in Records Management in other towns, villages, schools, fire departments, etc.

Barbara Darrah: They (Barbara and Alden) will be presenting a little bit about what they are finding, what they are doing, and how this will all end and wrap up and entertain questions that you might have.

Alden: It is a pleasure to be here in the Adirondacks, we love the work here and the Adirondacks is home. Our best guess is to take chaos that has been accumulated over the years and often measured in tons, go through it and identify what can be disposed of in accordance with state law and then organized the rest so you can find it and know what you have. Any questions?

Don Amell: How do we look?

Barbara Warren: I have been doing a lot of the actual hands on in the boxes while Alden has been working in the vault and doing the computer work. I haven't yet found any huge blocks of records that I would expect to find that are not there. Personnel, payroll, and the Vital Records are all intact. The really important stuff seems to be there. With the new rooms up there, there is a lot of space up there. Our filters are not as fine as they might be if we had space issues. I would say about 35% of the mass is disposable. The retentions schedule says “maybe you can throw it out"

Alden: This would be a good time to mention what a good staff you have. They followed up on the grant and we didn't have to nag. Trust me that is not the norm. You are very fortunate with who you do have.

Barbara Warren: Do you have any concerns or questions?

Barbara Darrah: Could you touch on the final disposal; the list of what is going to be presented to the Board of what is going to be destroyed?

Alden: As we proceed, we generate a list of what is obsolete. We always check and make sure it meets the law and what the Town wishes. From that we generate a destroy sheet and we create the form for the Town to use in the future, that allows the Town to destroy in day to day business in accordance with our Records Management Plan and in compliance with municipal law. The form basically covers your “municipal butt”. It allows the Town to say the record was destroyed in the course in accordance with our Records Management Plan and that we are in compliance.

Barbara Warren: You will get a destroy sheet that says: (Sample) Correspondence 1995

Don Amell: Has this been reviewed by the Historian?

Davina: Anything that Barb Warren finds that looks historical and she has questions on, she brings it to me and we decide and put it in boxes for the Historian.

Barbara Warren: And there are four boxes upstairs titled Historian.

Alden: You will get an inactive records index on an excel spreadsheet. That will identify every record that we kept in boxes that are organized by numbers. Every record will be re-boxed and re-labeled with new labels which are put on the boxes and in conjunction with the spreadsheet. My goal is to make sure continuance is painless.

Barbara Warren: We also go through training with the staff as far as maintaining and organizing and keep the process going.

Alden: I prepare a Records Management Plan for the Town that is designed to be a backbone document. In some ways just reiterates the work we have done here, and it also keeps things going and gives recommendations for future plans.

Don Amell: It's good to hear that it has gone as smoothly as it has for you

Alden: This has been among the best experiences of my 25 years.

Barbara Warren: We would be happy to have you (the Board) come upstairs when your meeting is over and see the shelves up and how we are doing it.

The Board thanked Alden and Barbara.

Winemeller reported Donna Walsh was supposed to come in and speak to the Board about a donation for the Friends of Moody Pond milfoil. Winemiller reported the parking tickets have reduced tremendously since September. Winemiller stated she has a meeting scheduled for this Friday with DEC about moving the trailhead to Mount Baker. That is what we would like to see happen long term. I would like to suggest we take the money from the parking tickets be donated to contribute to the milfoil project in Moody Pond.

Don Amell: Can we think about this for a while? As we see advances in this exercise, not knowing where we might end up with this, I think we should sit on this a little more.

Winemiller: Just so you are aware, there is a budget request for a donation. I was just suggesting that in lieu of a donation, we could give the money earned from the parking tickets.

Warrene McCarthy: Have you issued a lot of tickets?

Winemiller: I have given out more warnings than tickets. I have given out about 180 warnings. There are some cut and dried tickets, but the ones I give a warning to are the ones that tried to pull off the road.

Karl Law: I will say I have residents from there come up and tell me they appreciate what is being done.


Supervisor Winemiller introduced the tentative floor plan packets to the Board for second floor renovations to the Board for discussion.

Winemiller: I finally got all the numbers together and did include a bunch of other numbers from the difference if we are able to use inmates from Moriah Shock Treatment, for a lot of the labor. Karl Law brought up the idea of using inmates from Moriah Shock facility to assist in this project. I contacted Jeff Tedford who referred me to Jim Scorsam from Moriah Shock. He said he can have a team of 10 – 12 inmates here each day for as long as we need in the Spring. I also don't know if the Board is aware, but the Town Hall only has 100-amp electrical service. I met with a gentleman from Hyde Fuel as we will need a form of heat upstairs as well. We don't need to have 100% heat up there all the time. I have plans and drawings there for you to review. I think it's a good plan and I have been working on this for quite some time. I would love to show you my ideas upstairs. I think if you see it, it will make a lot more sense.

Don Amell: Is this a project where we might want to consider an outside committee? Get outside folks to take a look at this. Several years ago we already had a plan. I don't know if this is any better and I don't know if we are qualified enough to make a that judgment. And as far as the heat, I would certainly want Joe's (Bates) take

Winemiller: We could do that, but I did ask Doug Snickles, as he is my point man. Doug is pretty savvy where construction goes.

Don: Along with looking at these (the plans), I think it would do us some good to reach out.

Winemiller: Who would like to see on the committee?

Don: These days, I would say Sween (Sheridan Swinyer), but he is retired. Unless he wants to.

Winemiller: Anyone else?

Don: I don't know any of the up and coming contractors?

Winemiller: All right. I could ask Sween and Ray Tempestelli.

Don: Even if we could put out a Facebook query just in general. I am not just saying we just need contractors to hear from. I am thinking any ideas we can get…..I can hear someone say, “ How come we can't have a dance floor like we used to have?, and, “ Where is the kitchen that we used to cook lunches on Election day?”

Winemiller: Okay. I can do that. A volunteer task force with two meetings or so. I will put it on Facebook.

Winemiller continued with the meeting and went over the Department Head reports.


Highway Superintendent submitted the following written report to the Board.

Town of St. Armand Highway Report for the September 15, 2020 Meeting

    1) We ripped up the sidewalk in front of the Post Office and put down blacktop.
    2) We started stockpiling crusher for Gladd Road.
    3) We picked up trees in the Veterans Memorial Park.
    4) We brought the granite to Plattsburgh for the new memorial signs.
    5) We have been working upstairs in the Town Hall when we can.
    6) We helped the Town of Franklin with their paving.
    7) We put in a new storm drain basin on the Oregon Plains Road.
    8) We worked with the County on blasting a big rock on Moody Pond, then we finished the ditching.
    9) We brought some millings down on Moose Pond Road and then raked the whole road.
    10) We put crusher run on the Gladd Road and then we rolled it. We also dug a bunch of big stones that were popping up.
    11) We are still patching where necessary.

Winemiller: Any questions?

Warrene McCarthy: Davina, I thought they were supposed to be paving the River Road from Route 3 down to Moose Pond this Spring.

Winemiller: It is still on the County's schedule for this year.


There was no Water report submitted for this meeting

Winemiller: Normally the Department of Health does all the Water testing in the towns. Because of COVID and lack of funding, the DOH cannot pay for that this year. Dave Siskavich is speaking with Life Science Laboratories to get a price. If it is really expensive, we may have to go to somewhere in Albany. We think that since Life Science has been doing some of our other testing, they will try to do the best they can for us price wise.


Code Enforcement Officer Derrick Martineau submitted the following report to the Board.

Code Enforcement Officer Report for the September 15, 2020 Board Meeting

    1. Returned 12 calls and 9 emails
    2. 3 new permits issued
    3. Inspections on ongoing open permits. And still checking sites for compliance with Covid laws to best of my ability.
    4. Moose Pond Road update: Vehicles have been removed. And owner is cleaning up other debris. Thank you Davina for the help.
    5. Gladd property is in attorney's hands. I am also working on deeming it an unsafe building which would remove him from property.
    6. I looked at upstairs with Davina I truly feel electric heat in the individual offices would be more cost effective then getting the old radiators up and running. I have done heating systems like these and if wasn't drained properly it can lead to a very expensive problem. Leaking down into offices and destroying computers etc. and the cost of new boiler is going to be very expensive.

Winemiller: Does anyone have any questions for Code Enforcement?

McCarthy: What does it take to get that building of Gladd's deemed unsafe?

Winemiller: We need to get in front of the judge. We have to follow the law.

McCarthy: So there still has not been a court date set.

There were no further questions.


Wastewater Superintendent Stanley Ingison submitted the following written report to the Board

Town of St. Armand Wastewater Report for the September 15, 2020 Board Meeting

    1) Did daily collections, testing and recorded data.
    2) Did daily checks of all systems at the PTB and WWTP and recorded the data.
    3) Wrote up the DEC monthly operating report and the discharge monitoring report and submitted them digitally.
    4) Did weekly generator checks.
    5) Did weekly greasing of the paddle wheel drive and clarifier drives.
    6) Did weekly grit removal from the classifier drive outfall and unloaded it into the transfer station trash dumpster.
    7) I did the weekly flexing of all the aeration diffusers.
    8) Koester Associates had felt that the bearings in blower # 1 were fine and didn't need replacing as they had other seal failures with no bearing issues; thus they felt it was from some bad seals. But, after they did their test runs and okayed it for use again, during its first regular run it was still running 30 degrees hotter than all three of the other blowers so I questioned Koester about it and they ran it by the manufacturer “Kaeser” and they say they don't know why it is running hotter but it is running very smooth and quiet and 40 degrees cooler than it is designed to handle and say that it is fine so we have to keep an eye on it.
    9) After running in the extended aeration mode for a while to get the 5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) down below our limit the suspended solids (SS) along with Phosphorus levels started to rise toward our limits so we switched back to lagoon mode and for the moment the BOD5 and SS are in good shape but the phosphorus level is still of concern.
    10) I had not heard anything from Tim Woodruff regarding odors from the Pre-treatment building area so I thought things were good but recently I inquired about it and he said the smells were less intense but still there so we will have to keep looking into more possible mitigation methods to try.
    11) CED did find a thermostat for the blower room cooling system with the proper amperage levels and Todd and I installed it but after putting it into service it doesn't seem to be sensitive enough to the temperature levels in the room to work well. I have meet with Hulbert's Tri Lake Supply to see if they can find us a better unit.
    12) Maxx of AES came to pick up the rest of their portable flow meters (from the I & I study) and I did the confined space entry work so Maxx in return helped with a search for entry locations of sand infiltration as the volume has greatly increased this summer. We found a number of man hole covers with significant leaks so I will order a few plastic inserts for those locations.
    13) Fire alarm call went out at the PTB without any in house alarm. So I worked with Andy of Aqualogics to look for the reason and it turns out that one connection was not made in the lines between the fire system and the SCADA system for they will send someone to do the wiring to put it into service for us.
    14) Davina and I met to go over the St. Armand Wastewater Department Comprehensive Improvement and Repair Program and we are working to complete most of the remaining projects.

Winemiller: In your (the Board) folders are the final Action Items in the Comprehensive Improvement and Repair Program for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. We have it down to six items out of forty.


There were no Resolutions for this month


Payment vouchers for the month of September were presented to the Board for approval and Roll Call Vote as follows:

General Vouchers # 261 - # 302 in the amount of $16,016.16
Trust and Agency Fund Vouchers # 56 - # 63 in the amount of $1,866.29
Highway Vouchers # 138 - # 153 in the amount of $8,846.16
Highway Outside Voucher # 2 in the amount of $3,923.97
Water and Sewer Vouchers # 118 - # 136 in the amount of $8,728.07
I&I Fund Voucher # 7 in the amount of $7,271.95

On September 15, 2020. Councilperson Donald Amell made the Motion to approve payment of this month's bills; the Motion was seconded by Councilperson Karl Law. A Roll Call Vote was as follows:

Supervisor Davina Winemiller AYE
Deputy Supervisor D. Joseph Bates ABSENT
Councilperson Donald Amell AYE
Councilperson Jennifer Fuller AYE
Councilperson Karl Law AYE


Supervisor Winemiller presented the Supervisor's Monthly Reports for August 2020 to the Board. Councilperson Karl Law made the Motion to approve the Supervisor's Monthly Report; the Motions was seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller. All in favor. Motion carried


Councilperson Jennifer Fuller made the Motion to approve the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of August 11, 2020. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Donald Amell. All in favor. Motion carried.


Town Clerk Barbara Darrah gave the following report for the month of August 2020

There were (3) Dog Licenses for August 2020:
    Spayed Female (1) $7.00
    Neutered Male (1) $7.00
    Therapy-Exempt (1) $0.00
    Marriage License (1) $40.00
    Total Revenue Earned $54.00

Paid to Town Supervisor: $29.50 Paid to NYS DOH: $22.50 Paid to NYS Agric & Markets: $ 2.00


As of today, the current receivables are $ 23,686.76. The final quarter (July 1 – September 30, 2020) readings are due to the Water and Sewer Clerk at the end of September. The bills will be prepared for mailing by October 15, and due 30 days after that. Any unpaid balances after the November due date will be sent to Essex County Office of Real Property for re-levy on January 2021 property taxes.


Winemiller: Atlantic Underwater Update – This is the Water tower tank cleaning and the anodes. They will be here by mid-October to perform the work.

Winemiller: Auctions International Update – This auction went incredibly well. As you know we were hoping to get $25,000. The Town of Rosebloom came to the Highway Garage to take a look at it and placed a bid within 15 minutes. The final bid was $30,600. The highest bid on the Broom was $130. We were looking for $500. Doug did not want to give it away for $130.

Winemiller: Water and Sewer Redistricting Maps - The maps are almost completed by Essex County mapping. In the next couple of weeks, we may want to have a special board meeting to go over the maps.


Winemiller: Essex County COVID Exposure Guidance - we did get an email from Essex County that one worker from Social Service came down with COVID, so they distributed a guidance flyer if any employees came down with it.

Winemiller: Proposed Federal Law – Deferred Payroll Tax - We can offer to employees that we will stop taking their taxes out, but payback is retroactive later. The kick is that when they decide tit is time to end, the employee will have to pay back double, to make up for the taxes not taken out right away. Winemiller offered this to our employees. If anyone one wants to do that, we will absolutely follow through.

Winemiller: NYS Sick Leave Law – All employers are required to provide 1 hour of sick leave to employees for every thirty hours worked.

Winemiller: Barnard Street – dedicated paper roads – Roger and Debbie Lagree own a little piece of property that has a little cabin they are selling. (Winemiller distributed copies of the property to the Board). On paper, that is where the road would be. But, in reality, the way this property is now, Lisa Latourelle has made a portion of it her driveway. Because Roger and Debbie are selling and the buyers want to put an addition on the cabin, but the way this is on paper, it would be within 10 feet of the road. The piece is over here, and the driveway is supposed to be over here, but it is over here. Where the driveway was put in on Barnard Street, is now Lisa Latourelle's driveway.

Discussion continued regarding the boundaries and how they could be adjusted and have the verbiage reflect the adjustment.

Winemiller: My estimate is it would cost about $1200.

Karl Law: So, nothing has physically changed, just the driveways.

Amell: What does the driveway have to do with anything?

Winemiller: When you look at it that way, then Lagree's are the only ones benefiting from this adjustment.

Amell: I don't see where the town would be involved in this.

Winemiller: What I am trying to say is, it does not affect us, because that part is already there. The expense that it would cost to have to put a road in, I don't think it would hurt to make the road here. We still have Barnard Street here.

Amell: I don't see why the Town would invest in this.

Winemiller: We have a 50 foot right of way, so the road would still exist; it would be 25'. Let me go up with a good camera and take some measurements.

The Board agreed they want to re-visit this

Winemiller: Transfer Station Attendant: Three people have stepped up to work at the Transfer Station: Roger Lagree has started, and Sam Branch is applying and another young man that Sam knows. Roger goes to Florida in February and March, so we will also be keeping Chris Spicer on board for fill-ins.


There were no other questions, comments, or concer


Councilperson Donald Amell made the Motion to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting. The Motion was seconded by Councilperson Jennifer Fuller. The Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.

I, Barbara J. Darrah, Town Clerk for the Town of St. Armand, do hereby certify that the above is a true and correct transcript of the Regular Board Meeting minutes held on the above-referenced date.

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